Bitwish report - December 2021

December was a prolific month! We almost doubled the number of users, the collaboration with was launched, the Bitwig Video Guide was established, and a new space to share music started attracting Bitwig musicians. Bitwish seems to be here to stay as a collaboration platform for Bitwig lovers.

The data mentioned below is valid as of 2022-01-01 and is being compared with the Bitwish Report - November 2021.

Community Wishlist

Everyone can vote up to 10 feature requests. People can update their votes at any time.

The top three requests have been exchanging top positions since the wishlist was created. The only change in the top ten is the arrival of Time Stretching in the Sampler displacing A convolution reverb native device.

  1. :arrow_up_small: MIDI capture
  2. MIDI comping
  3. :arrow_down_small: MSEG
  4. :arrow_up_small: Chopping / slicing audio in the Sampler
  5. :arrow_down_small: Alias clips / Linked clips
  6. :arrow_up_small: Containers within the Grid
  7. :arrow_up_small: Video support
  8. :arrow_down_small: Audio to MIDI converter
  9. :arrow_up_small: Time Stretching in the Sampler
  10. Undo support for third-party plug-ins

86 open requests (13 new)

Popular new requests (regardless of votes):

  1. VSTs in the grid
  2. MIDI Out module for The Grid
  3. Theme / skin support

Several mockups were submitted as well! Here is an example:


Presets & Clips

New space created in collaboration with

Most popular new discussions:

  1. Bitwig Preset: Global Scales (includes video)
  2. Bitwig Preset: Mono AmbiEncoder 3o public (includes video)
  3. Bitwig Preset: Snare Drum Chain

Bitwig Video Guide



228 users (108 new)

On average, 13 daily engaged users (+3)

:postal_horn: Congratulations to @Fooltopia and @lairyboy, selected by the algorithm as new users of the month! :tada:


More: Bitwish project log


Out future plans declared on November were implemented on December! Next…

  • Continue the active outreach with the objective of reaching a critical mass of 410 users.
  • Improve user profiles and the Music category to better connect Bitwish users publishing on Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Spotify, and YouTube.
  • If there is interest, open Bitwish to more languages beyond English.

You can propose and discuss plans on our roadmap.

And this was December on Bitwish. Did we forget to mention anything? What can we do better in January? Share your feedback!

Yours truly,


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A really awesome little space you’re building here :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:Glad to be part of it!

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