Welcome to Bitwish, a collaboration platform for Bitwig lovers

Bitwish is an open space of collaboration by and for Bitwig Studio lovers. Here you can contribute to

Bitwish is not affiliated with Bitwig GmbH. We are an independent community site made by its members and administered by volunteers.

Bitwish collaborates with Bitwiggers.com, the place to share Bitwig Presets and Clips. We see ourselves as a good complement to the Bitwig Discord, which offers high quality feedback and support in real-time by a very active community of volunteers. See also bitwig.community for more resources.

Bitwish is a moderated community that strives to be welcoming and friendly to everyone. We welcome ideas to promote diversity in our community in terms of gender, ethnicity, language, region, and any other human factors.

Our platform runs on a self-hosted Discourse, a versatile open source forum platform that is feature-rich and extensible through many official and community plugins. We are also open to collaborate with other Bitwig community projects!

I’m in! What’s next?

Some ideas for starters:

  1. Sign up
  2. Fill your profile, especially if you publish music or Bitwig-related content.
  3. :heart: something you like.
  4. Upvote something you recommend.
  5. Post your first comment, no matter how short and casual. :slight_smile:

The rest will come as you familiarize yourself with Bitwish. If you have questions of feedback, you can share them publicly on #about-bitwish or privately with the @moderators.

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This is the new Bitwish project description, updated because this place is not only about a wishlist anymore.

Feedback and ideas for improvement welcome!