Video support

Video support to fit a post-production workflow, consisting of these interrelated features:

  • Opening a video file, loading video and audio respectively in a floating video player and on a dedicated audio track.
  • Compatibility with OMF, AAF, XML, EDL and ALE files to allow to seamlessly exchange sessions with video editors and properly edit/mixing the audio of a video project. This would be fundamental to go beyond scoring and to allow Bitwig to become a fully fledged post-production option, making it a viable option for professionals.
  • A marker track allowing real-time and grid based cue markers.
  • Export the project in a video file without needing a video editing software. This would make sending demos out extremely easier.

What problem(s) would this feature resolve?

Bitwig doesn’t offer any options to work with video. There are a couple video player plugins, but they are not reliable and sufficient to work on video using Bitwig. In practice, users interested in integrating music with video end up relying on another DAW.

How does this feature fit in Bitwig as a product?

Bitwig is an innovative product heavily focused on opening sound design possibilities. Audio and image are increasingly integrated in a long-term trend. Bringing video support to Bitwig would open this product to a big professional and hobbyist market. It could also open the door to innovative ways to create music and sounds with support of video data.

Is there already an alternative way to achieve this on Bitwig?


Could it be implemented using Bitwig components or APIs, without Bitwig team’s support?


Could it be provided by a VST or something else reasonably integrated with Bitwig?

Yes and No. There are Video Players plugins like VidPlay VST and XJadeo but they are not stable and only cover the most basic features.

Are there other products that offer this feature?

Cubase, Pro-Tools, Logic.

Relevant links (optional)

VidPlayVST - Bitwig Page


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For what is worth, VidPlayVST - Bitwig Page has been updated to document a bugfix, and they have also published a short video about it:

I came here to request this feature as well. Coming to Bitwig recently from a filmmaking background, video support was the first (and biggest) missing piece I noticed. I do recognize Bitwig as a musician-focused DAW and turning it into a full-fledged film post-production DAW is probably a bad idea. The complexities involved along with the specific requirements for filmmaking in particular, and integration with longstanding “industry-standard” SW and HW (Avid, Protools, Nuendo, etc.) to make Bitwig usable in the industry (moving resources back and forth in post) is likely not worth the design changes it would require. Also, coming from a film post audio editing/mixing background, working with Bitwig was a very different experience than film post (unless you are actually composing for film). For example, the clip launcher is still alien to me. :grimacing:

Dolby concerns are real, especially with ATMOS, but with other formats, in particular 5.1, 7.1, etc., the Digital Cinema Standards for audio delivery is standard individual WAV files for each channel. No longer is AC3 format required; so no Dolby. Many plugins exist for metering that respect Dolby and ITU standards and are used to mix film sound. Many post houses will send the mix off to have it formally tested/certified without having to have their own Dolby-certified facility, if that is required for the release. ATMOS will undoubtedly require licensing to do certain things, although it appears Dolby is trying to make things less painful than in the past. Being able to route channels beyond Stereo would be a nice addition to Bitwig, simply from a sound design aspect, even if output were to 6 or 8 individual WAV files.

If it were easy, there would be no Cubase AND Nuendo. DaVinci Resolve’s audio editor, the venerable Fairlight, doesn’t understand MIDI, or use VSTi’s effectively for sound design. Neither does Adobe’s Audition, although it is pretty good at handling 5.1 sound mixing with video support. I’ve used Audition to create and mix 5.1 surround for short films ultimately to a Digital Cinema Package (DCP) that digital theaters require, all without Dolby’s interference. But since it doesn’t understand MIDI, I had to use existing Audio files as my raw materials.

Having said all that, I DO believe, that just having video support (with typical video frame rate timeline support) even in Stereo to allow for Composing for Film would be a HUGE advantage in giving Bitwig a toehold on the lucrative film post market. Most music in film appears in Stereo (at least that’s the common advice), although with ATMOS, music may be spreading rearward.

So, my wish is for video support to include timecode fimelines (instead of beats/bars) at least in Stereo for starters to permit composing music/atmosphere to film. Adding multichannel support like 5.1, 7.1 (ignoring ATMOS atm) and output to individual WAV files per channel would round things out. Neither would require the significant amount of retooling that would be needed to integrate Bitwig in the existing industry post workflows, but could provide the necessary assets to import into proper film post DAWs. Video support could be nothing more than reading MP4, and perhaps pulling out a track of dialog for reference on the timeline. My two cents. Loving Bitwig!

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Loving Bitwig it’s the future but tethered to Logic only because it has video support. If Bitwig supported video it would be a game changer for so many composers and musicians that are stuck having to use dinosaur DAWS. Video integration is everywhere these days it’s not just film composers who need this, although film/TV/game composing is a HUGE market !


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Working with music to video is sometimes part of my day job, so this would be a most welcome feature to Bitwig. With all of Bitwig’s sound design potential, decent midi handling and automation it feels like a natural platform for working to video and scoring. Beyond scoring to video, it would be cool if it were possible to work with some kind of creative visual engine / video clip sampler, maybe with its own Grid system to produce visual content for music. Or perhaps a way for Bitwig to hook into an open platform like Blender or a game engine. I appreciate this would be a lot of dev work and not something everyone would perhaps want or need, but it could give Bitwig another unique edge over the competition and open it up as a go-to tool for composers and sound designers for games.

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