Bitwish Report - November 2021

When November started, Bitwish didn’t even exist as an idea. After Bitwig Studio 4.1: Let There Be Notes! a wave of feedback about missing features inspired this project. Less than four weeks later, 93 participants have contributed at least one vote. Bitwish has taken off.


  1. MSEG
  2. MIDI comping
  3. MIDI capture
  4. Alias clips / Linked clips
  5. Chopping / slicing audio in the Sampler
  6. Audio to MIDI converter
  7. Containers within the Grid
  8. A convolution reverb native device
  9. Video support
  10. Undo support for third-party plug-ins

73 open requests (all new)

See the full ranking including votes.


120 users (all new)

10 daily engaged users (average)


More: Bitwish project log


All this to support Bitwish’ goal: build a community wishlist with the participation of all kinds of creative and collaborative Bitwig lovers!

And this is the first Bitwish monthly report. What can we do better in December? Share your feedback!

Yours truly,