Admins and moderators welcome

I had the idea about this site yesterday and this morning I set it up in a couple of hours. I will keep working on it until it is ready for a first public presentation. I have just announced in three Discord channels to get early feedback.

If you like this project and you want to be part of it, you are invited to join it literally since day 1. Registration is open for everyone.

Moderators and administrators are not strictly required at this point because, well, there are no users yet. :slight_smile: However, I have no interest in being the sole member of this team. If you have interest in joining and you have a verifiable track in the Bitwig community (anything that can reasonably proves your good intentions), the door is open for project contributors.


Two months later, we do have users :smirk:, and the need for additional moderators is slowly but steadily increasing. Interested? Keep reading.

What do moderators do?

Most of the activities expected in a moderator can be performed by any user. Ideally, users would be granted the moderator role as a recognition to their contributions. These activities include:

  • Helping newcomers and anyone with questions.
  • Keeping an eye on silent topics and ensure that good ideas are not forgotten.
  • Encourage good contributions by sharing :heart:s and recognizing their authors.
  • Connect separate conversations when they are related, point out when discussions go off-topic and can be split.
  • Flag inappropriate behavior and other anomalies.
  • Set a good example.

Applying for a moderator role

Anyone can express their interest in becoming a moderator by contacting the @moderators. Even if you are not sure or are just thinking about the possibility, we are happy to hear from your and your interests.

You can start as moderator of one category. This is a simpler task, and it only requires to be a good participant in that category. New moderators are especially welcome in the quietest categories, which are good places to make a change while familiarizing yourself with the software and community practices.

What are the requirements? Moderators and administrators are roles of trust, and trust can be built in many ways. What follows are factors that help increasing trust based on measurable factors:

If you have experience moderating in other communities (or similar formal or informal activities), that will definitely count.

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@bjorn kindly offered help and he is now an admin and moderator. Welcome to the team! :sweat_smile:

Thanks @icaria36 I’m really happy to be part of such a positive project. Here’s to 4.2 :smirk:


Someone has requested information to become a moderator, and I have taken this opportunity to update this topic with the corresponding information.

We welcome moderators indeed!

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Ok, great just the info i was looking for, i Could not find it on my own since i do not see it in any of the drop down menus, not sure if that is by by design but thought a good idea to bring attention to it if not. I am definitely interested though, i don’t have any prior experience in being a moderator (except for IRL, lol) but I would like to do what i can to help this mission be a success!

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