Bitwish ideas (FAQ, suggestion box, crowdfunding)

Oh and maybe it would be a good idea to create a FAQ (maybe under community tab?)
Other thoughts
-suggestion box(for ideas and suggestions toward the fine tuning and polishing/evolution of this site)
-a section containing a donation pool/kickstarter toward the development of a mobile controller app for android and iPad that we could get developed ourselves, without relying on bitwig, along with features discussions centered around that. Or for development costs of a low or no code interface for controller script api.

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Thank you @jescofield for these ideas!

Yes… but… in principle a FAQ is symptom of a broken design somewhere. Or at least it often is.

We can start by collecting questions, and see how they could be best addressed. And if the answer is an FAQ, then creating one and placing it somewhere visible is easy.

On Welcome to Bitwish, a collaboration platform for Bitwig lovers we say

If you have questions of feedback, you can share them publicly on #about-bitwish or privately with the @moderators.

Is this enough or were you thinking about something else? Should this be more advertised?

Wow, well, this is at another level… :slight_smile:

The crowdfunding itself would happen in one existing platform like Kickstarter etc. I think somethibng like this, if it’s a good idea, would start better in one of the established community channels, where in theory there are thousands of members (how many check regularly, probably less, but still way more than Bitwish nowadays).

Of course, if someone would start a crowdfunding campaign somewhere and it would fit with Bitwish’ scope, promoting it here or supporting it in other ways would be the easiest thing.

ya, my apologies i was just kinda throwing things out there that hadn’t been thrown out in my face as i really didnt browse around first to check if it was already something you had going, thats exactly what i was referring to. lol. and i got you with the FAQ thing i really meant that I think its a good idea just to keep in mind, like a list you can add anything that comes up alot. I personally like Faqs just because it can be a good all in one place to refer me to the right information that lies elsewhere. sometimes they are exactly as you say but i prefer them on any site an some of the best laid out ones have them.

Maybe your right but at the same time i think if we were to host it here and post links on those other channels it might really help Bitwish take off! somthing to think about, I wouldnt mind running the campaign if you would want to back it and help get the word out about it and if i have someone to help with community outreach type stuff

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OK, I’m happy to create a FAQ as soon as we have, say, five questions relevant to be featured there. You can start collecting them here. I will copy here any question about Bitwish I find anywhere else. The end of the month is approaching and a new Bitwish Report will be published. Previous reports have brought questions and also new users who had questions. With all this material we could have an FAQ in a couple of weeks.

About the crowdfunding, I think this is easier to discuss based on a specific proposal, because then the specific details of the implementation can be discussed.

sounds good

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