Audio to MIDI converter

An audio to midi converter capable of processing three types of sounds:

  1. Rhythmic, for drums and other trigger sounds, processed in a Drum Machine track.
  2. Melodic, for monophonic instruments and voice.
  3. Harmonic, for chord extraction in polyphonic instruments.

What problem(s) would this feature resolve?

Bitwig producers must rely on plugins or other DAWs to extrac MIDI from audio clips easily and reliably. Bitwig offers a Replacer device and a Zero Crossings module in The Grid, but their current usefulness for most producers is rather small.

How does this feature fit in Bitwig as a product?

Bitwig aims to Streamline your creative process and quickly evolve your ideas into complete songs, tracks, and compositions. Often ideas emerge in the brain and take shape as audio while humming, whistling, clapping, tapping on a table, or casually playing a basic instrument. They also emerge while listening to recorded audio. Getting the inspiring sounds in MIDI form is a frequent need in the creative process.

Is there already an alternative way to achieve this on Bitwig?

The Replacer device can detect triggers and convert them to midi at a set pitch. It won’t distinguish between e.g. a kick, a snare and a hi-hat.

The Zero Crossing module in The Grid can be used to detect pitch in a monophonic audio source, but it takes advanced Grid skills to get a working solution.

Could it be implemented using Bitwig components or APIs, without Bitwig team’s support?


Could it be provided by a VST or something else reasonably integrated with Bitwig?

Yes, Melodyne is probably the most popular plugin that extracts midi. There are also plugins that replace drum sounds as well.

Are there other products that offer this feature?

Ableton Live and Reason.

Relevant links (optional)


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For example, this is how the audio midi converter works in Studio One:
The Melodyne effect is open on the audio track, notes are already recognized. And simply dragging and dropping the audio clip onto the midi track converts the Audio to Midi. But these will just be approximately recognized midi notes, without any nuances such as vibrato, legato, etc. Therefore, we need an MPE.


This is approximately how a midi-track converted from an audio track in Bitwig might look like:


we can go further and add a feature of recognizing the amplitude curve, and assigning it to note expression


Damn this actually has quite the potential with the aforementioned MPE mapping.


Is there anything that can extract chords out of audio, sounds pretty complex to develop?

Yes, Celemony Melodyne can


Yes, but than we still need ARA2 support…

Polarity gets a step closer for monophonic audio using Note Grid. Not there yet. :slight_smile:

Polarity Music - why not sing your notes? - Bitwig Studio 4.2b3

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Could deCoda be an affordable workaround? Has anyone tried it?

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