[Draft discussion] A modulator for Audio Event Expressions

Although the general idea of this request is clear, I’m getting a bit lost on the details.

Is this a request for the Replacer device only, or also for other places where onsets can be found like audio clips and the Sampler?

Can you start the description with the description for the request, please? Now the explanation of the request is a bit spread and mixed with the description of the problem (which would be better placed in the problem statement section).

Also, a reminder on avoiding first person and personal feelings, to make the description more neutral and relatable for everyone.

There are two other discussions that come to mind where onsets were also mentioned. Are they relevant enough for this request as to link them with each other?

I’ve edited post to clarify goal a bit more. I’ve proposed 2 ways of using Onsets beside what Bitwig uses them for right now: 1. more data to work with for Replacer for better precision 2. have it as modulator that can be placed on any device, can be useful for FX chain, combination of both in fact. so then you can use the rhythm of the audio clip to make use of note-driven modulators as well

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Thank you, it is clear now that this is about improving the Replacer and having a new modulator.

What about a title more specific, describing what you want? Something like “Modulation based on Onsets”?

And this is a note to self to mention the Onsets Expression in the description.

You’re right, there are actually a bunch of audio event expressions, like also Stretch markers, gain expression, pan expression, all could fit in ‘Audio Expressions’ modulator, while current ‘Expressions’ should be ‘Note Expressions’ then. So, for Replacer perhaps there should be choice to use either Onset or Stretch markers for note triggering. Again, this is like 2 related, but different things to implement. But I reckon if they were to do it, they would make a ‘bundle’ anyway.

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Add functionality to the Replacer device and create a new modulator. Each of these items is simple to explain but combining them in both makes it harder and, really, it’s only losely related. Besides, if we would have the modulator, perhaps it could be used in the Replacer to achieve what you are describing here?

If you see this combination mildly possible, then I volunteer to tune the description accordingly. If not, I volunteer to split into two simple requests. If you’d rather keep things as they are here now, well, ok, fine. :slight_smile:

Come to think of it, it’s not the first time we have situation with ‘nested’ feature requests, where ideally a whole feature set is implemented, but if you break it down, there’s a primary feature and then the rest that would depend on it. Could Discourse support such nested topics?

Anyway, this isn’t exactly such case and we can simplify this request to just ‘make audio expressions be modulators’, and maybe add separate FR for adding use of audio expressions into Replacer (which may or may not work out with just mentioned modulators added to it)

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Let’s imagine an Audio Expressions modulator. The user can select one of the several expressions available. Then they would select… a track, like the Sidechain modulators?

to be honest Replacer is becoming rudimentary as well with Note Grid, so let’s focus on audio expressions indeed!

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Ok, let’s see if we can get this draft done by the end of tomorrow.

@x.iso I have updated the title and the description. Please check.

I was thinking that, if such modulator exists, maybe it can be used in the Replacer device to improve the detection of points of audio replacement? If this is true, then we wouldn’t need to create a request to improve Replacer using onsets out of the box.