Bitwish project log 2024

For previous posts, see Bitwish project log 2023.

Audio to MIDI converter has caught Alias clips / Linked clips and now both are competing for the 4th position with 141 votes. Meanwhile, Theme / skin support keeps closing the distance, and maybe that will be the upcoming 4th…

For posterity, this was the ranking (and more or less the number of votes) by the end of 2023:

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Interesting “race”! Theme support has caught Audio to MIDi (both with 142) and it’s just 2 votes away from Alias Clips.

Welcome - SUPERBOOTH24 is in a month. I plan to print the list of Features and votes and give it in person to the Bitwig team. Just a symbolic gesture. :blush:

There isn’t much activity but new users and new votes keep coming, slowly and silently and continuously.

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I took a major software upgrade too lightly, got stuck, and had to revert installing a backup from Sunday. If you voted o commented in the last 48 hours, your vote/comment might be lost lost… Please check and vote/post again. I’m very sorry for this, and it is the first time that it happens after 2,5 years of Bitwish.

"Select / highlight the scale to work with on the piano roll " got its 100th vote!

There are two wishes with 99 votes: “Containers within the grid” and “Audio Random Acces (ARA2) support”.

“Containers within the grid” also has 100 votes now. Nice!

For posterity, this is how the ranking of top wishes looks like after Superbooth 2024 and Bitwig’s 10th anniversary: