Chopping / slicing audio in the Sampler

Integrate in the Sampler the audio slicing features already available in the arranger, for easier and faster manipulation of audio samples.

  • Manual slicing, equivalent to using the Knife tool
  • Automatic slicing based on onsets, beat markers or time, as in “Slice In Place”
  • Manipulation of slices, just like the manipulation of audio events.
    • Adjust boundaries between slices (drag)
    • Add, delete, and nudge slice points.
    • Consolidate and delete slices.
  • Mapping to controller for easy and precise slicing using MIDI hardware.

The slices of the sample would be visible all at once in the single audio file window (shown below, in a stock image without the slices).

To manipulate slices, users would double-click the Sampler window and then work on the list editor already available for multisamples (see below), adapted for slicing a single audio file.

All this could be achieved integrating in the Sampler features already available in Bitwig. One nice addition would be “Lazy Chop”, slicing a sample manually while playing the audio. This is an option expected in a sampler nowadays.

What problem(s) would this feature resolve?

The existing feature “Slice to multisample” is impractical beyond basic cases. If you don’t get the multisample right, you need to edit each sample separately and adjust boundaries manually. Or go back to the arranger, apply the fixes, and create a multisample again.

For these reasons, users need to either spend extra time preparing their samples, or use a sampler outside of Bitwig.

How does this feature fit in Bitwig as a product?

Bitwig has invested in a sampler that has many strengths. Slicing within a sampler is a common feature, and probably the only one that is keeping Bitwig users relying on an external sampler.

Is there already an alternative way to achieve this on Bitwig?

You can slice to multisample, or make a Grid patch that autoslices by beat divisions, but they both are pretty inconvenient workarounds.

Could it be implemented using Bitwig components or APIs, without Bitwig team’s support?

Yes, but it’s not exactly drag’n’drop experience. Preset exists that can slice loaded sample on up to 64 slices by defined level threshold for transients, but apart from loading sample you need to input sample’s duration into a dedicated parameter and manually press ‘scan’ button twice to get result and start playing with sampler. It’s also not exactly light on CPU, certainly not as much as native feature within Sampler could be.
Link for preset if you need this temporary solution anyway: Bitwig Preset: Sample Slicer | Bitwiggers

Could it be provided by a VST or something else reasonably integrated with Bitwig?

There are VSTs that can handle this, but VSTs do not integrate with Bitwig in ways that native devices can.

Are there other products that offer this feature?

It is commonly found in hardware and software samplers like Vice, Redux, MPC or Maschine. Also in other DAWs like Ableton Live.

Relevant links (optional)

From the User Guide:


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It’s worth mentioning that there are two sample slice presets that try to do their best given the technical limitations. Both detect transients, but they offer different actions with the resulting slices.

Both can be considered interesting (and rather complex) experiments and nothing that alleviates the need of a native and user-friendly feature to slice audio in the Sampler.

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Missing simpler


Slicing is really the only thing I miss about Simpler. If we get it in Bitwig’s sampler, I feel like it will be the best sampler out there. The only other one I can think of that would compete is maybe The Mimic sampler in Reason (Which i haven’t tried). Although one of the things that is really nice about simpler is how well it is integrated with Push. From what I remember, slicing in simpler was released at the same time as Push1 came out. I hope one day we have hardware integration like that with Bitwig as well. Hopefully if we get slicing, the custom Push or maschine templates that are out can be upgraded to incorporate it, since they both already have slicing.

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This is one of the major features I am missing from Ableton. It’s so easy to slice a sample using their tools. Please provide us with this option, would be great!


Coming from Ableton and possibly switching to Bitwig for my work because Ableton has gotten to the point where it is so buggy and unreliable that it’s driving me nuts!, this is one of the features of Live I would miss the most. This way of working with audio material within a sampler is useful for so many styles and sound design tricks. If this were possible in Bitwig just imagine how great it would be with all those modulators and the note grid! Also worth noting, is just imagine all the beat makers you would attract to Bitwig! Please, please, pleeeeeease add this to Bitwig’s already impressive feature set!


I would add that manual chopping as the sample plays would be great as well. I miss lazy chopping in the mpc and this would be soooooooo nice in bitwig.


I made a slicing workaround in the Grid. This allows you to slice , by beat divisions, manually, or a combination of both. Here is a video explaining how it works. It is available on Bitwiggers.


I work between Cubase 12 and Bitwig 4 now, and I would love to see this efficient slicing workflow inside Bitwig! Yes please!

I sent this feature request, again, to Bitwig support last week. Ive been doing a lot of sampling recently and as much as I like Reason Rack Mimic, and Kontakt is very clunky.

I was wondering if it would be better for them to just create anew device and just call it “slicer”. It has the onset detection and stretch algortithm options with the basic framework of their sampler with no granular or the other algorithm. OR they just add a new slicing algorithm as another option.


Just created an account for this. Midi Capture, Midi Comping and a slice modes with lazy chop in sampler, and I ditch Ableton 100%. I have just written to support to explain why these 3 features stop me from buying bitwig


Bitwig needs this baaaaad, to make it good :grin:

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Send them a support email. Midi Capture and Midi Comping is already added to their internal wishlist, they added the slicing / chopping / lazy chopping feature to the internal wishlist as it was not on it. At least we can dream, future will show us if it becomes reality.

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Yep already did, but good to know they did add it, if your info is accurate. Lets keep bugging them though!

I’ve been experimenting a lot with different techniques for slicing with The Grid. I’ve decided to make a series of videos showing some methods that can be used for making glitchy sample slicers with manual slicing, beat division slicing, and various features for glitchy music production. This is the first video in this series, where I go over how my current slicer works.


v5.1 with the addition of enhanced onset detection and audio quantization, is looking good! Let’s hope this turns into what we have been asking for!

Awesome work man! I wish I had just half the inspiration as you.

yes, i came for this. just add a shortcut “split clip on playhead”.


Then vote for it! :slight_smile: Click the votes box in the upper left corner. Everyone gets 10 votes.