Music made with Bitwig - December 2021

This is an experiment discussed here.

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@here Just a note to say that now anyone can create their own separate topic for a track or an album (or any music format). Also if you have published it before this month. Details on Share your music made with Bitwig.

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InfrUltra - Waves From an Intricate Mind

Other tracks produced with Bitwig in this album:


I like the main track Waves From an Intricate Mind for its epic tone, lw tempo and variations in melody (also tones and scales? I’m not good on theory)

You mention that some tracks are made with Bitwig while others not. Was this due simply to a change of DAW during the creation of these tracks, or do you prefer to use different DAWs for different purposes?

About the album in its entirety, let me say that I feel overwhelmed about the quantity of tracks. Is it a compilation of tracks you had or is there a common intention across the selection. I’ll add something with the added risk that I really don’t know what I am talking about, but it is a perception. After listening the album I was left with a feeling of “flat-ish resonance”. I don’t know how to describe it, but it reminded me to another album that I re-listened and found to have more “spatial resonance”. In case it helps: ansatz | nara is neus.

Do I hear some Valhalla Shimmer? :smiley:

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@bjorn Nope, that’s BLEASS Shimmer

I just published my first track. I wanted to create a happy and playful atmosphere that hopefully brightens someone’s day <3


I like the composition and the folk flair!

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What elements do you think are giving a folk flair, @icaria36? Are there songs it reminds you of?

I’m struggling a bit to find my place genre-wise. I want to produce something like EDM or Trance, but I always end up somewhere else with my creations, so I’m curious to learn where other people would place my music.

Ok, I’m no music theory anything, so your question made me think why I had this brain association. Bear with me. The song has a dialog between two instruments, one resembling a flute, and one that could be a violin (I’m talking about notes and movement, not the timbre). And you even have faeries in the title, so all this brings the idea of Celtic folk. I’m not into this genre at all, so I have tried to find a couple of examples that kind of hint to this brain association:

Just curious, in what scale is this song? Maybe this gives more hints about why it sounds folk-ish to me although it is clear that you want to go the EDM direction.


Now that you’ve mentioned it, the Celtic influences are so obvious. I listened to a lot of Celtic music a few years ago and I guess it got stuck in my subconscious. :smiley:

The sustained instrument are actually a flute layered with a violin, but it sounded too weak so I eventually gave up and ran it through an amp simulator. Now it sounds a bit like an electric guitar :smiley:

The plucks are inspired by bells, but bells don’t make for a good lead sound, so I added some more harmonics and gave it a bit more of a harp like quality.

Thanks for looking for examples. I wasn’t aware of those groups and they sound quite good.

I didn’t really have a key in mind for this song but stuck to the white keys and the melodies end on C, so C major I guess.

I still can’t believe that I was completely oblivious to how much this sounded like Celtic music. It’s great to get another perspective, so thank you for that! :slight_smile:

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My last jungle track.

You can also find a wip version / tutorial video here: How I do JUNGLE in Bitwig Studio - YouTube


I really like the mix on this one. It sounds full, yet very clear. Also, thanks for the video. I picked up some ideas for my own tracks.

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This is dope! I like all those little details.

Hey all :sweat_smile:I got a PM on Soundcloud inviting me to post this track here:

It’s made with Bitwig, obviously. Used synths were Generate for the bass, Phase Plant for the pluck, Diva for the arp. BBC Symphony Orchestra for the strings (this was before 4.1.2). I had some fun with note effects, too. The screams were recorded for this track, actually :slight_smile:

My motivation for the track should be evident I think. I actually made the main parts of it on the first weekend after Omicron was first found already. The song is angry, as I was. Actually helped me get some of that anger out of my system.

Let me know what you think :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Thanks @icaria36 for the invite, looking forward to engaging in this community :slight_smile: I think it goes without saying that I absolutely love Bitwig :smiley:

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Is it just me and my speakers, or this mixing is superclean and crisp? I wish my experiments would sound like this. :slight_smile: Also curious, how did you get that “Omicron is here” voice?

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Thanks a lot! I did spend a bit of time mixing, I’m really glad that appears to have paid out!

I used to have lots of problems with muddy mixes, so I feel your pain! I took a few online lessons for learning how to avoid that - with Oscar from the Underdog Music School as well as Colin from The Stooodio. I try to think about which sound goes where from the start of production, to avoid them clashing anywhere that mixing would have to fix in the first place. Then EQ etc., and I’m having some AI help me too (smart:comp for spectral side chaining and Gullfoss for a sparkle of magic). But again, thanks!

The “Omicron is here” voice, the dry version is from an online GLaDOS Voice Generator. The version heard later in the track has a pitch shifter, a vocoder, a slap delay in the sides and Little AlterBoy in the middle after a mid-side split, and more reverb applied - as well as a parallel dry chain with an EQ. Bitwig actually acted up with that bit during the export (the side part within the FX layer would not properly render when exporting), so I had to bounce that track to make it sound right in the export :joy:

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The GLaDOS voice is a great idea :smiley: I like the mix as well. It sounds very clear.The arrangement works for me too. Good work!

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This is great! Now I wanna get something done in bitwig myself so i can share it here haha :smiley:

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