Bitwish badges

Bitwish runs on Discourse, a platform that comes with many badges out of the box (learn more). On top of these, we are creating our own badges:




Most of these badges are updated automatically on a daily basis. The three categories are hardcoded on Discourse.

If you have suggestions for other badges, share them in the comments.

I believe these badges are accomplishing something, small but something, in the Wishlist and the Presets categories. For instance, they were used to create some statistics on Bitwish report - December 2021. I am thinking about creating badges for Music and Tutorials too.

Any ideas, any thoughts?

Two new badges:

They will be granted automatically within the next 24 hours.

I’m trying to create “silver” and “gold” badges for contributors of Tutorials and Music that post upvoted entries but my SQL is not good enough. :sweat_smile: I have asked upstream.

Also, right now the Tutorials Participant badge is buggy because is not taking into account the Bitwig User Guide subcategories. Here too my lack of SQL knowledge is the root of the problem and I have asked for help.

It would be really nice to credit the right users, and I have set a bounty for whoever can provide the SQL queries: Two SQL queries for badges - marketplace - Discourse Meta

One query is fixed: Tutorials Participant badge on Bitwish.

Today I learned that this syntax works in SQL:

WHERE t.category_id IN (13, 14, 15, 17, 18, 20, 21)

Only 4 Critical Mass badges left. :slight_smile:

It’s official: we reached “critical mass” a couple of days ago! :wink: 410 users.

This might be even true, because we are having new users almost every day and I’d say most of them come from search results and the likes, and not because of specific outreach on KVR, Reddit or Discord as we did at the beginning. The pace in terms of conversations and posts is slow, but continuous. Maybe we have got a marathon pace?