New Bitwish thread on Bitwig's Discord

The Bitwig community has a prolific server on Discord. Now Bitwish as a small corner there, specifically a thread in the #feature-requests channel. This is like a nano-channel that you can join, comment on, and get notifications when it is updated. We plan to share links to new feature requests there.

Follow this link to the Bitwish thread.

The moderators of the Bitwig server have quickly reacted to a request made today. Thank you so much!

What I don’t know is whether Bitwig Discord users who haven’t joined the Bitwish thread can see the #features channel highlighted whenever someone comments on the thread.

If not, after a couple of days basically nobody will be aware that it is being updated…

I don’t see the thread unless I specifically join it via the ‘threads’ button to the top right.

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Thank you. Hm, in that case I’m not sure it’s really worth to update that thread once 5-6 people have added their comments on the #feature-requests channels. In practice, the channel becomes invisible to those who haven’t seen it after the first days, and joined it.

People can see that there are active threads in the channel. So by updating it, you keep it in the active list and increase the chances of having it noticed. If you stop updating, it will be archived and even harder to find.

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Ah, good, then this is all I need to keep updating it. Thank you again!

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