Bitwig Preset: Global Scales

Bitwig Preset Global Scales

NoteFX to modulate modes/scales globally. How to use: - Load this device before a synth. - Open up the scale selector chain device . Drag the drum machine named "Scale selector" to another track from where to control the other instances of "Global scales". - Set the note reciver device inside "CHANGE THIS NOTERECIEVER" to recive notes from the "Scale selector" track. - Copy the "Scale modulator" device chain to the rest of your synth tracks. - Use notes in the pianoroll of the "Scale selector" track to modulate all instances of "Global scales" - Create phrases on the synth tracks containing notes only on the white keys. The C note is always the root.

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Wow, you have a preset with a lot of thought put into it. I have tried to follow the instructions, but I get stuck here:

Copy the “Scale modulator” device chain to the rest of your synth tracks.

I cannot find this “Scale modulator”.

Sorry about that, Wrong name, Should be the “Global Scale” Preset itself.

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Thank you for your quick reply! I’ll try again later.

@strangeflow I was thinking that, if you want, you can just share a Bitwig template or project here, so that people like me can have an example.

Global Scales is a special type of preset that requires more than throwing it in a device panel and play with it.

Made a small Youtube video showing the Preset. It was my first video and the michrophone sound came out kind of low, but I hope it will be somewhat helpful.

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Nice, thank you! FYI you can also store these in Bitwiggers (I’ve done this for you) by submitting that Link underneath the Preset as User Media.

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That’s quite elaborate setup. there is a bit simpler method of ‘syncing’ scales or rather transposition mappings across a project, and that is to use Note Harmonizer (or just Harmonizer since 4.1) which points to a single source of scale content, where used notes should be always on. So you can make a dedicated Scale track, either use looped clip with selection of notes you want in a scale, or generate notes and then apply diatonic transposer or whatever else might be convenient. The caveat though is the way Harmonizer offsets some of the input notes. It does always output notes in correct scale, however it might push C into C# for example even though both notes are in the scale, while A (not present in the scale) would trigger C. I have notified support about this bug and they’re not in rush to fix it, although acknowledge it.