Bitwish report - March 2022

March has been a month of slow, continuous pace. We had newcomers almost every day. Maybe this is how Bitwish normal looks like? Thank you for sticking around and for sharing your Bitwig wishes.

Community Wishlist

Everyone can vote up to 10 feature requests. You can update your votes at any time.

It curious to see how requests seem to be clustering around vote “wavelengths”. Right now we have 2 most voted requests with 93 votes, two with 64-65 votes, five with 52-55 votes…

  • 1348 votes (+180) cast by 290 voters (+39).
  • 32.24% of users haven’t voted yet (was 33.60%)

We have 111 open requests (6 new)

Popular new requests (regardless of votes):

  1. Expandable XY Sequential Switch
  2. Waveform vertical zoom in arrange
  3. Better Markers (Cue/Locaters) system


Presets & Clips

In collaboration with

Most popular new presets:

  1. Bitwig Preset: Prophety - Melancholic Ether
  2. Bitwig Preset: 90's Synth - Auto Rhythm Voices
  3. Bitwig Preset: Addiktone

Bitwig Video Guide



428 users (46 new)

On average, 7 daily engaged users (-3).

:postal_horn: Congratulations to @GrizzlyAK, selected by the algorithm as new user of the month ! :tada:


Mar 7

  • Automatic bumping of topics has been enabled in the #brainstorm category and disabled on the #drafts category.

Mar 22

  • It’s official: we have reached “critical mass”! :wink: 410 users.

More: Bitwish project log

And this was March on Bitwish. Did we forget to mention anything? What can we do better in April? Share your feedback!

Yours truly,

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