Bitwig Preset: Addiktone

Bitwig Preset Addiktone

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Hi there, it’s Stream Punk

I had the idea for this synth and it turned out to be very good, at least I really like the sound of it. In the video I is use it as a pad, but it has potential for a lot of sounds. I hope I can come up with more presets soon.

I am also working on a VST version, I am not sure if it worth the effort, the Bitwig Poly Grid version is already perfect. But I can’t share it with friends who don’t use Bitwig… It was very interesting to learn how wave folding works, it is a built-in phase-modulation… oh, I am distracting.

Please watch the video and let me know what you think.

Stream Punk

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Wow for the preset (which I still need to try, I’m away from my PC these days), also for the video!

Pinging @andrei_olenev and @Taika-Kim, who are also interested in getting as close as possible to #additive synthesis on Bitwig. See also Additive synthesis in The Grid.

Yea, my patch works by cheating, adding more overtones using Skew, Fold and my Follower-circuit. Before I built it, not having enough overtones or causing too much CPU load, was a worry.

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