Bitwig Tutorials - March 2022

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Let’s collect interesting video tutorials about Bitwig published during March 2022. Just click the New entry button and share!

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Polarity Music - Note Wrap chord auto inversions - free Bitwig 4.2 Note Grid Preset

PluginBoutique is giving away Bitwig 8 Track with any purchase made during this month, and they are creating several video tutorials:

Bitwig Tutorial | MPE Automation

How to Get More Than 8 Tracks in Bitwig 8 Track!!!

Bitwig Tutorial | How to Use the LFO to Modulate Anything in Bitwig

Polarity Music - in Bitwig 4.2 you can skip the piano roll for melodies

Polarity Music - dubstep bass sounds without vital or serum? Bitwig Phase-4

Odo Sendaidokai - Bitwig - Hard Clipper | english

fwiw @somethingtohide also created a Bitwig Preset: Hard Clipper.

Patch of the day with the Bitwig PolySynth - #01

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How to use and create Templates on Bitwig and why.

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Odo Sendaidokai - Bitwig - FX Layer / Effect / Container | english

Plugin Boutique - Bitwig Tutorial | Hybrid Audio & MIDI Tracks

Plugin Boutique - Bitwig Tutorial | XY Multi-Effects

Plugin Boutique - Bitwig Tutorial | How to Save Clips and Everything Associated with Them!

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Patch from the scratch Bitwig Polysynth ( Bass, Pad, Pluck )

Surface Pro 8 Performance Testing for Music Production (link to the segment “Bitwig Polyphony test”)

from random to structure…

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Alckemy Neuro - BITWIG’S SAMPLER IS OP! (sorry Ableton) #BITWIG #PHASEPLANT

Plugin Boutique - Bitwig Quick Tip | How to Group Tracks & the Benefits of it

DJ Bobby Light - How to Chop & Sequence a 2-Step DnB Pattern (Bitwig Studio)

Jürgen Moßgraber - Gamepad support for Bitwig with DrivenByMoss 16.0!

Plugin Boutique - Bitwig Quick Tip | F1 Interactive Help Menus