Bitwish report - February 2022

Every human deserves a peaceful live. Those who produce war would find more happiness learning to produce music. Sounds cheesy, but it is true, and I write this with deep thought and sympathy for those suffering the consequences of war on any side of any border.

Bitwig 4.2 beta brought Note Out module for The Grid, first feature request implemented.

Bitwish continues. There is an impression that slowly slowly we are reaching “feature complete” in terms of Bitwish requests. The Bitwig team stayed in contact but we haven’t agreed on any specific next steps. Users keep joining, and whatever the critical mass is, we are getting closer. This software platform keeps responding, and if anyone has new ideas about what to host on Bitwish, let’s hear them.

Community Wishlist

Everyone can vote up to 10 feature requests. You can update your votes at any time.

MIDI capture and MIDI comping go head to head, with little to no changes in the rest of most requested features even if the votes keep coming.

  • 1168 votes (+166) cast by 251 voters (+39).
  • A third of the users hasn’t voted.
  • Another third has cast between 1 and 4 votes.

We have 106 open requests (8 new)

Popular new requests (regardless of votes):

  1. All randomness should repeat within a project + seed of randomness
  2. All randomness should repeat within a project + seed of randomness
  3. Transient/Sustain Split Container Device

More graphics have been added to feature requests. Remarkably, @x.iso started a topic about Collaborated effort on making mockups.

(Not a screenshot but a reproduction in vector graphics!)


Presets & Clips

In collaboration with

Most popular new presets:

  1. Bitwig Preset: Polymemories
  2. Bitwig Preset: Beat Stutter Repeater MACROS
  3. Bitwig Preset: Note Modulo 2 Oct

Bitwig Video Guide



382 users (66 new)

On average, 10 daily engaged users (-3).

:postal_horn: Congratulations to @гагарин and @fusterclucker, selected by the algorithm as new users of the month ! :tada:


Feb 2

Feb 15

Feb 21

More: Bitwish project log


There is work to do in our short-term roadmap. New ideas welcome.

And this was February on Bitwish. Did we forget to mention anything? What can we do better in March? Share your feedback!

Yours truly,

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