Bitwig Tutorials - February 2022

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How to use the Bitwig Sample & Hold device tutorial


not really a tutorial tho…:hammer_and_pick:

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It’s instructional! Please keep them coming. :orange_heart:


Venus Theory - This Sound Design Trick Is Almost Too Easy :loud_sound: (And It Works With Any Sound!)

How to covert drum machine to tracks Bitwig tutorial

Beats basteln :3 - Debugging VST3 Plugins with Visual Studio and Bitwig

Alchemy Neuro - HOW TO BITE: Flying Lotus #Bitwig 4K

Venus Theory - I Tried Recreating This Cool iOS App In The DAW :man_scientist: (Turned Out Pretty Neat!)

How to use the Bitwig FM-4 synthesizer tutorial

Jaake - How To Get A Cleaner Mix using Advanced Mixing Techniques

Hey peeps :slight_smile:
I made a video on backing up all your settings to be able to setup another machine super fast with the same settings. Just keep in mind that this won’t work when you move these files to a prio version i.e from 4.1.6 to 4.1.2 (didn’t mention that in the video).

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Ollie Music - [Bitwig tutorial] How to build unique granular based effects in Bitwig’s FX GRID.

Lismore Music - Live 11 Vs Bitwig 4

Polarity Music - let´s do … SYNTHWAVE!

How to make better Automation on Bitwig

macProVideoDotCom - Bitwig Studio 100 - Spotlight Collection: Bitwig Studio 100 - Bitwig Spotlight Collection - Audio E

Bitwig Spotlight Collection by Thavius Beck

DJ Bobby Light - TAL-Sampler: How to Ambient Jungle 808 Bass

generative patch with 28 wavetables…