Bitwig Tutorials - January 2022

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Jürgen Moßgraber - MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE) with Generic Flexi in Bitwig Studio - DrivenByMoss 15.3


How to use the Bitwig Keytrack tutorial

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Baphometrix - Has Dan Worrall convinced me about dynamics vs loudness?

Which is a teaser of this master class:

Has Dan Worrall convinced me? - Loudness vs Dynamics - THE REVEAL (a master class)

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How to use the Bitwig Vibrato device tutorial

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Bitwig - Modular Concepts: Note Signal Flow

Polarity Music - could it be any sampler? glitch sounds with Sononym and Bitwig

How to use the Bitwig Voice Stack device tutorial

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Produce With Me - The Art and Theory of Bouncing Your Audio and Midi Channels

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How to use the Bitwig Select 4 device tutorial

How to make a VCA fader in Bitwig

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How to use the Bitwig Polynom device tutorial

Mattias Holmgren - Awesome Piano Roll Scale Tricks // Scale Guide in Bitwig Studio

How to use the Bitwig Dribble device tutorial

Venus Theory - I Think This Is My FAVORITE Sound :drooling_face: | Here’s How It’s Made

Ollie Music - [Bitwig tutorial] My new favorite arpeggiator for creative sequencing, here’s why?

Polarity Music - create your own crappy Audio FX instead of buying crappy plugins


How to slice to drum machine Bitwig tutorial

Polarity Music - do you use a transient shaper?