Music made with Bitwig - February 2022

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This track is a legit caffeine substitute!

Thanks, I’ve actually added a new lead to the end section as I wasnt happy with the way it was developing. I’ll be uploading a v2 tonight.
Also, with that vocal sample I can’t do much with it without inviting a letter from a lawyer

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This is a performance that me and artfwo did for the Remote Chaos Communication Congress in December. The setup is as follows:

excds (using Bitwig):

Launchpad Mini:

  • Triggering the different rhythmic sections and different random noises.

Akai MPKMini:

  • Controlling effect sends for grouped sections of sounds and to set base note for a generative patch.

Sensel Morph with studio overlay:

  • Controlling effect sends and volume for groups.

artfwo (using Renoise and custom written sequencer):

2x Monome Grid:

  • Managing patterns / organising sequences in the sequence he’s written in python.

Monome Arc:

  • Managing synth parameters and effects.

Monome Norns:

  • Master tempo control via Ableton Link and custom application where tempo is expressed as lines between nodes in a graph over time.

This month I’m working on some slower tracks and some experimental stuff, trying to learn more about bitwig itself as well


Very nice! I can imagine this song playing in places. I hear a bit of crackle, especially associated with this higher pitch sound with delay. Is this coming from the track, is it intentional, or is it my system / headset? If it is intentional, I’d suggest to either stress it more (in the direction of lo-fi vinyl crackling) or remove it, and maybe fine tune the EQ to integrate it better? At least for me, it was a bit distracting because I did wonder where this noise was coming from.

Yeah you’re right. While making the song I’ve listening to the sounds so much I kind of stopped hearing it. It’s a rogue modulator on the drone sound, I’ll see if I can get rid of it, because that sound should be smooth.

Edit: fixed it! Thanks

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Sooo, this whole #jamuary thing! didn’t QUITE get 100%, but 29 out of 31 is, if i may say so myself, still a pretty solid result for a first attempt!

since a bunch of that stuff was made with bitwig, figured I’d just share the whole playlist:


As someone who cannot pull one single track in an entire month, I’m just impressed by the productivity of the Jamuary participants and the steady pace of creative people like @derk.

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Hello, these are minimal techno tracks I made, not fully mastered but done with bitwig but with minimal stetup done with My APC40, no ready to use samples, all sound desing and clips done by myself.
Do you think I should propose my performances to a club or a music bar i order to get some incomes from my music ?
I’m located in France and people and still retarded about electronic music ! They have still been listening about david guetta, the millionaire business man !

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Hi everybody, This is my latest track made in Bitwig.
Any comment appreciated.


I made this about 2 weeks ago but it’s too much of a banger not to post.


Hey, I’ve just started making electronic music for fun. A nice break from web development. All tracks created with Bitwig on my Lemur Pro laptop. Here are few made in February so far. All of songs are super basic. A few synths, melody, bass and drumkit. Typically song format I suppose. Not really sure what my style is yet. I really like the classic trance genre from the 2000s.

Think my favorite out of this batch is “Thoughts Exploding”. Really like fusing trance/techno style with sound effects and classical music style melodies.

Oh… apparently I can only do 2 links as a new user. Well you can see all of the other tracks on Soundcloud or the link my profile. I’ll just list the “created in February” tracks here instead.

  • soundcloud/austinginder/barren-land
  • soundcloud/austinginder/remote-explorers
  • soundcloud/austinginder/the-sleepy-arctic-fox
  • soundcloud/austinginder/night-sky-colors
  • soundcloud/austinginder/hidden-treasures
  • soundcloud/austinginder/limitless-creativity
  • soundcloud/austinginder/thoughts-exploding
  • soundcloud/austinginder/glorious-happenings
  • soundcloud/austinginder/overtaken-by-blessings
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Hi I’m in music for over 40 years (yes I am old). Mainly Guitar, Drums, Punk, Metal and Hardcore. In the 1990s I started with Amiga and C64. Later PC with Cakewalk, Cubase, Logic. Stopped for a long time making own music - just gaming on the pc and xbox. Also interested to make movies and videos. Later playing as Keyboarder in the Band SANKT OTTEN. Working with ableton for our Livesets. 5 years ago i restarted to make my own electronic music after I dicovered Bitwig. I really love this program. For me it’s a complete game changer. Now I’m very interested in sounddesign and production. I love to do all by myself and today it’s so easy to get in touch with people all over the world who ar interested in electronic music.

What kind of sound I am involved? Ambient, Berlin School, EM, Darksynth, etc.
I am always interested to break through the genre barriers. Can’t define what kind of electronic music I exactly produce.

maybe you’ll like it…may be not…just listen:


Very nice! I like your songs a lot, very dreamy. And I know the feeling to ‘classify’ the music. Btw started using an Amiga too and went from composing (Noisetracker, Symphonie Pro) to write tools my self (SoundFX).


A new synthwave tune I’ve been working on the past weekends. All track use native Bitwig devices and all sounds made from scratch. It’s a but shorter than usual (3:52) - not sure if I get some spark of inspiration in the coming days to built it out more.
Edit: I am now at 4:21, I think that’s it :slight_smile:


Nice, I like the synth sounds very much.

In this video: a lot of Bitwig, Polygrid, a nice VCVvst drone (thx Omri), and Hardware Eurorack. The focus is a Step sequencer in the PolyGrid which I rebuild after “Polarity Music”… I show three different uses of the Grid, as a solo voice, as a sequencer to HW eurorack, and as a sequencer to a VST in Bitwig. For that I use a preset (grid note out) from “Polarity Music” which you can find here… Keystep pro is the master clock, Bitwig and PAM’s (hardware clock) are slave. You wil here also the BIA with Stochas, Bitbox Micro with varigate and the Morphagene, all coming back to Bitwig for effects processing. All together a nice hybrid project. In the middle of the video I show the three Grid sequencers separately. enjoy!

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Uff, had a tough month creativity-wise. Haven’t been able to get anything going beyond a few bars. Just been able to finish two tracks yesterday:

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