Visible Gridlines Behind Clips

Adding a bit of transparency to clips in the Arranger, so that gridlines are visible through them.

What problem(s) would this feature resolve?

Editing clips in the Arranger is not easy when the screen is full of clips. It’s easy to get lost because gridlines are hidden by clips.





How does this feature fit in Bitwig as a product?

Improves usability.

Is there already an alternative way to achieve this on Bitwig?


Could it be implemented using Bitwig components or APIs, without Bitwig team’s support?


Could it be provided by a VST or something else reasonably integrated with Bitwig?


Are there other products that offer this feature?

Live, FL Studio, Studio One…etc

Actually Live reverted its new flat clip design in version 10 because people complained about not being able to see gridlines through clips.

Relevant links (optional)


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+1 I’m trying to move away from Ableton and its slowing down my workflow a lot


I think we should all write to Bitwig collectively.


I made and account and came here for exactly this missing feature. I am coming from Live, learned in Live, and it is impossible for me to do any arrangements in Bitwig because of this. It puzzles my mind that this not the number 1 public asked missing feature, it goes against any sense of logic to make the grid disappear behind clips.

Sorry Bitwig, I wanted to like you! But this together with the dragging in clips not snapping to the grid is a clear no no for me. Wont buy the full version until this will be implemented. Super duper extra dissatisfied, disappointed and totally confused.


(I have moderated the last message(s). After many months we have kept a respectful and constructive level in this forum and we want to keep it this way. The comment makes a clear point as it is now.)

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4.3 out and still not fixed. I dont understand theese developers. This should be really easy to implement, and just make it optional. It could be SO simple.

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I’ve been waiting for this feature for years. Instead of adding up more rants here, you can email devs. (not the regular channel because it’s beta period. I do this when a new major beta comes out. It’s unfortunate, but it’s the most effective way to get requests heard.

Implementation should be simple, but choosing to do so may be not that simple. I see possible performance issue when this implemented naively.

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Ps. I found out how you can enable a snap to the grid when scrolling/dragging in clips. Its not that fluent but the feature is there, so I have to take this one back!

Oh PLEASE NO. It looks absolutely disgusting. Literally makes the UI look like a frikkin Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.WHO THE HELL looks at Ableton Lives monstrosity (Or most other DAWs bad design choices from 1990) of an arranging window, and thinks its good on the eyes or serves any purpose.
A billion line patterns on screen, that strain the eyes, that are also compltely unecessary.
People who request this “feature” (its rather a design abnormality) have no clue about design and psychology.

If at all, this should be optional and implemented better.
Nobody should have to put up with this and I’m really glad BitWig is not listening to this.

I also don’t get why you are not allowed to downvote “features” in this forum.
Completely defies the argument of what people REALLY want.

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And design and psychology involves… some variety? I’ve been using DAW for about 20 years and I sometimes end up nearly 200 tracks. I know what I need, and your response sounds a bit aggresive to me.

Of course, this should be optional, and as you may noticed from my mock-up, lines are quite subtle. IMO it doesn’t look like excel or somthing. But ideally, line opacity can also be tweakable.

So, I’m not human? Beep-bop :joy:

Just kidding, and I think if this forum introduces downvoting, this should be separate measure, not to be summed up with upvotes. It would be meaningful to check up/downvote ratio.


I don’t get why that guy above is so peeved about this request. I]the request makes 100% sense. It harms nothing. I think the extra information on the track (the grid lines) would serve as useful reference points when making chops. Especially if the tracks height was extended. The user above seems to think it would distract the eye. There are already tons of lines everywhere this only shows the lines that are already on the screen by syncing them all the way down…


For sessions that run longer, 12-14 hours, and your shoulders neck and eyes are tired, the lines would definitely make things easier for me. Hitting a milestone or finishing something, is a nice psychology that emerges from a smile and a sense of accomplishment.

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How is it possible that Bitwig 5 Beta is out, and still this thing is not fixed?

I would go as far as saying this is a Bug. A nasty one. Something which drastically impares the workflow of users, who are used to work with adjusting midi/audio on top of the bar/beat-lines. An absolute standard for a DAW. Not having transparent clips is like not having a playhead to me: you get blindfolded.

I guess the frustration about this particular feature request not being adressed comes from the perceived ease of its implementation…
Making a 100% color a bit transparent takes one second in any editor.

Please add up your voice by writing email to bitwig. Along with Make barlines more prominent, I believe this request can boost productivity immensely.

But one thing I’d like to address is that transparency comes with extra rendering cost, which means extra works may be involved to prevent performance issues.

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@nowiamone as @lokanchung says, if you feel strongly about a feature request, the best reaction is to send it to Bitwig directly. And since you made it here, adding your vote to this request won’t harm. :slight_smile:

We should include “There should be an option for …” into the Feature Request. Because otherwise, many users who have the taste of not wanting to see the gridlines (which is a mystery to me, but okay) wont feel good about this Request or might even tell Bitwigs support “dont change it” out of the un-necessary panic of thinking, that this is not a matter of Optionality.

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Yeah, I think this should be optional, as some who actually panicked when Ableton rolled backed this feature to current state (they removed gridline at 10 release then they added them back without adding any option. and 10 was my first Live version).

I made a huge video about all the feature requests, including the gridlines :slight_smile: Gridlines start at minute 9