Visible Gridlines Behind Clips

I moved to Bitwig from Ableton Live and not having this as a feature hurt me much more than I expected.

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So simple and so needed

I’m also from Ableton and not missing those vertical lines in the clips. Those lines you are talking about are in the second windows at the sample or midi detail.

At the arranger view i’m happy with the not transparent clips.

I personally more prefere to add trasnparent alfa channel to all the tracks at the arranger to be more focused over whole row if lot of tracks is existing. It is very easy to be lost which track is which during eyes left right movement.


Came here to say exactly this. I won’t switch until this is implemented.

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hope you tell that “i won’t switch to Bitwig because of this” to Bitwigs support, too :smiley: because i’m sure the more they hear this, the more certain it is, that the feature will actually come in the future! :slight_smile:

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YES this is needed big time.