Some stats about Wishlist votes

I was thinking about sending a message to all our users to encourage them to cast more votes, now that we have a good amount of features. A community wishlist is better when it is supported by more votes, and refreshed ones.

If my (non-existent) SQL skills are correct, right now users are casting 3,7 votes of their 10 as an average. This means that the 63% of available votes aren’t being used.

While getting new users takes time (we are 92 right now), maybe it is easier to convince our existing users to vote more?

EDIT: More numbers. Actually only 75 of the 92 users have cast any votes. If we count only the users who have voted, they have used 4,7 votes of 10 as an average.

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The user count is impressive in such a short time :smiley: A message seems reasonable. Perhaps if people are made aware of how many more feature ideas have been posted they might feel more motivated to come back and vote :slight_smile: I was wondering if there might be a way to incentivise engagement with the site. Perhaps this is something we could speak to Bitwig about :wink:

Getting more data… How many users have cast how many votes?

number_of_votes number_of_users
10 8
9 7
8 1
7 5
6 4
5 7
4 10
3 4
2 13
1 18
0 21

Interesting distribution. It kind of looks like the majority have signed up and not interacted (as one would expect that people who interact by posting or commenting on drafts would have an interest in voting), and then the second largest group have perhaps signed up to post and vote on only their own request. Are there any other data that can be correlated, like number of posts/comments/likes/visits etc?

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There is a lot of data available. The question is what exactly do we want to check.

I suppose the question overall is “why are most* visitors not voting?” And perhaps the answer can be found by establishing what those visitors are doing. So, could we try to correlate non-voting members with metrics of other on-site behaviours like posting, commenting and liking?

  • ETA - not most, but the largest group

I had a casual look. There seems to be a logical correlation between users with few or no votes and few to no regular visits (at least as logged in users). The opposite is also true, and frequent visitors tend to cast more votes.

However, there are also cases of people who are not logging in often, but did their homework and voted for 5 or more requests. Let’s see if this message (that I plan to send tomorrow) helps getting sporadic users to vote more.

Message sent:

Hello! This is a message from the Bitwish team.

Get ready for the first Bitwish group picture! Please cast your 10 votes. Or at least a few. On November 30, we will take a first picture of the Bitwig community wishlist. It will be our first achievement since Bitwish was born just a couple of weeks ago.

Right now you can vote…

Do you like numbers? Bitwish participants are using 3,7 votes out of the 10 they have (average). Of every five Bitwish participants, one hasn’t voted yet, one has voted just once, and only one has used 7 or more votes. That’s a lot of unused votes. (63%) Vote this week and help improving these community numbers.


Did you know that you can vote and unvote features as many times as you want? This allows you to vote for new proposals if they are more interesting than another feature you voted earlier.

Questions? Comments? Share them here: A message to encourage more and refreshed votes

Pinging this discussion globally until the end of November to see if we can get more votes before the first Bitwish report. I haven’t checked in detail, but the message sent to everyone didn’t make much of a difference.

I’m only insisting to ensure that in these early days people understand how this voting works. I’m definitely not obsessed in getting higher levels of participation if they reflect how much people want to vote. :slightly_smiling_face:

I get you, though it would be great if both happened :smiley: Is it too early to see what if any results there have been following the global message and pinned topic?

There was this interesting feedback by @foosnark on the KVR forum:

My thinking is: I should only vote for features that I care about. If I picked other stuff just to use my available votes, that would dilute the votes for the stuff that I actually want.

I want grid containers.
I’d like to be able to host devices in FX Grid without cheesy workarounds.
I’d like MIDI I/O modules in the Grid.

That’s about it. And I’m not really desperately burning for any of those, I can live with Bitwig exactly as it is now for the next 10 years and happily continue making music if that’s what it comes down to

This was my reply, reflecting the fact that now I’m much more relaxed about people and votes than when I posted that graph:

@foosnark, this is good thinking. Different people vote with different ideas in mind, and using one vote is as valid as using ten or anything in between. And in the end nothing of this matters as much as to participate in building a community wishlist that makes sense, and meet people, learn and enjoy while we’re at it. :)

We have just published our first monthly report, and we are only mentioning how many people has voted at least once. We might reach out to those who haven’t voted at all (23%) just to ensure that they understand their “voting rights”.

(Sending a message to everyone didn’t make a big difference in increase of voters or votes.)

Some interesting points raised there. I wonder, is it possible for the votes to carry different weight? So vote 1 would be worth 1 vote, vote 10 would be worth 10 votes and so on for those in between. That way this inflation effect of devaluing your votes by casting them all can be mitigated by casting your votes with higher weighted votes representing more highly desired features.

Or… we can relax and have fun. :slight_smile: What is important is that people understand why voting and how voting votes. Also, we need to understand how all this can be useful to the Bitwig team (which I hope we’ll know sooner rather than later).

True, the voting system is just a gauge of interest so maybe doesn’t need to be overthought xD

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In 10 days we will send to the Bitwig team our December 2021 report including the most voted feature requests. There are two remarkable details to consider:

  1. A third of the Bitwish users hasn’t voted yet, a fifth has used only one vote, and less than half have used two or more.
  2. Currently the top 10 feature requests are the same than in November, ranked only slightly differently.

Remember, everyone can vote up to 10 features and drafts. We encourage you to use your votes!

Note that you can also upvote music, tutorials, and presets. These votes are just for fun (even more fun) and don’t eat up your limit of 10 votes for feature requests.



Less than 40 hours before the end of the month, and the top 3 requests have the same number of votes. :joy:

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Numbers are fun, and here comes another review about numbers of votes in the Wishlist.

  1. Even if Bitwish membership keeps growing, the proportion of a third of users not voting remains.
  2. The two biggest groups of voters are those that have voted one request only, and those who have used their ten votes.


EDIT: something I forgot to mention is that on Jan 30 there was a total of 1002 votes cast by 212 people.

We seem to be in a rather stable pattern. The number of users and votes keep growing, but the proportions remain except for small changes in the mid tier.

  • 1168 votes cast by 251 voters.
  • A third of the users hasn’t voted.
  • Another third has cast between 1 and 4 votes.