A Pure Data Grid block

Pure Data (or just Pd) is an open source visual programming language for multimedia. A Bitwig Grid block which runs Pure Data inside would allow advanced synthesis, for example complex resonators.

Ableton Live has incorporated Max/MSP. Bitwig could just integrate Pure Data since it is the younger sister of Max but BSD licensed, so entirely possible to use in a commercial application.

What problem(s) would this feature resolve?

It would remove the constraints of the great Bitwig Grid. Some things are not possible to do, like one sample feedbacks, since the blocksize is limited in grid.

How does this feature fit in Bitwig as a product?

It would open the possibility for third party developers to expand the possibilities of the Grid, and therefore Bitwig.

Is there already an alternative way to achieve this on Bitwig?


Could it be implemented using Bitwig components or APIs, without Bitwig team’s support?

Unlikely. There is PlugData which is Pure Data as a VST plugin. A grid block would be a different thing though.

Could it be provided by a VST or something else reasonably integrated with Bitwig?

Don’t know, probably not.

Are there other products that offer this feature?

Relevant links (optional)


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A great idea I had myself in the past. There is a project which can load Pd patches into phones called MobMuPlat. Along the same principle this could be realized, just with the much nicer Bitwig UI elements!

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Very interesting: MobMuPlat - Mobile Music Platform

Let me add this: We do have experience with libpd integration and can certainly assist if Bitwig needs support. We also have been in contact with the team before and have visited them. They support us with developer licenses.


Just curious, who is “we”?

Regardless of the answer, it is great to know that you and the Bitwig team are in touch already.

The Center for Haptic Audio Interaction Research

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Timothy Schoen has put together a new VST and AU wrapper to PureData called PlugData. I have just started using it. Maybe Bitwig could approach hime for collaborative purposes… GitHub - timothyschoen/PlugData: Pure Data as a plugin, with a new GUI


I have paranoia that M4L is making Ableton delay and it was one of the reason why I came to BW. I am doing deephouse that use a lot of percs and it is annoying seeing playhead going trhu beat midi, but sound come moment later.

Could not the same happen here?

I don’t understand. Can you rephrase?

I also considered making a separate, more futureproof-titled post about the same topic, but I’d rather vote and support this one.

Like I’ve commented on the Video Support thread, I make music for commercial media (primarily TV, animation and video games) Part of my daily work includes optimizing my workflow with non-sound VST plugins made in M4L, like a LUFS mastering meter, an auto track colorizer, an interactive piano created for client screencasts, API tools and an always-onscreen notepad.

All of the above are made natively within Live, sit nicely on my Clip/Audio Effect view and most importantly, they can be saved and shared online with other people.

I understand the potential of Bitwig’s Grid and I think it’s a fantastic tool for algorithmic music production, but it’s kind of disheartening knowing that back in 2014, Bitwig’s plans on Grid were more of an open grid component API situation, akin to Max4Live’s current capabilities:

I cannot think of any disadvantages in expanding Grid to its fullest potential or natively integrating PlugData; the Max4Live community is an ever-expanding self-promoting tool for Ableton, my everyday social feed is full of invaluable (and sometimes not) M4L tools that can enhance one’s daily work tenfold and also create organic hype around a product.

I hope Bitwig sees the potential value in this move.


I would welcome a non-restricted grid with full access to the API and therefore the ability to make --real-- devices for Bitwig. Deep integration, meta-level-control, custom made GUI, potentially shaping the future of Bitwig, real.
I cant vote for this request here, as it’s just a block for the grid, not exactly meaning to fundamentally expand the grids capabilities to m4l level.


Related, although not as Grid module:

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wouldn’t just device chain module get the job done? considering there is PlugData already available. I really don’t think it would be possible to mesh their internal modular environment with PD without overhead or any issues, so personally I’d rather vote for Bitwig’s own low-level modular editor being open for users.


That would be amazing, a bit like ugens for Supercollider, that would make bitwig the OG. I have not seen and was shocked that no one suggested it in bitwish yet !

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