[Draft discussion] A Pure Data Grid block

Thank you for this request. Please excuse my ignorance. Do you mean a block where you could through a Pure Data… script? to process the (audio? midi? other?) input and then provide some output?

Also remember that you can vote your own requests, and you are even expected to do so. :slight_smile:

I mean a block which is a Pure Data node. So you click on the block and it opens Pd where you can make a patch and its dac and adc are exposed as in and outs of the block in Bitwig. Libpd can handle that.

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I have made some edits to the description. I hope you like them. :slight_smile:

I came across Camomile, “a meta plugin with Pure Data embedded that allows creating audio plugins that load and control Pure Data patches inside digital audio workstations.”

There seems to be Bitwig users who are building generic plugins with Camomile that then they use with Bitwig. I wonder how different the end result would be from a Grid module. The advantage for the developer being that the plugin can be used with other DAWs, whereas the Grid module can only be used in Bitwig.

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Also, even if it’s just anecdotal, I found this quote in Claude Young’s artist bio in Bitwig’s website:

Always the tech head, Young has been known to have three-day benders spent with a manual or watching all the videos tutorials for a new piece of software. When he wanted to randomize parameters across multiple tracks, he dug in and learned Pure Data (Pd), an open-source programming environment made by the creator of Max. Sending randomized MIDI streams from Pd was enough for a while.

“But then Bitwig came along; it’s all already in here. It’s really simple, and it’s extremely powerful. It changed everything.”

Camomile has the advantage that your plugins can run in all DAWs, but it has the disadvantages to come with a lot of dependencies like JUCE, and it is cumbersome to do changes to the patch, for which you need to reopen the plugin (there is a workaround for live-patching: pd~ but it’s not pretty).

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Thank you for your quick and clear reply. Let’s wait and see if anyone else has any comments, and then let’s move this request to #features

I’m a free software advocate and I see the point of Pure data. However, I wonder about the possibility that Bitwig would support… Max instead. Being Max developed by Cycling’74 and being this company now property of Ableton, one can imagine some business trickiness here. But still, Max is a programming language and I wonder whether supporting it would bring closer to Bitwig the work many developers have done in Max for Live.

Excuse me if this is non-sense from a technical or business point of view. I’m learning and trying to see how Pure Data and Max look from the Bitwig team’s perspective.

Please no.

Max/MSP is part of Ableton now. Max is not cross platform, it doesn’t run on Linux. Bitwig needs support for all platforms. Max is a convoluted software package, just see how Ableton Live users complain about how long it takes to start Ableton when Max4Live is active. On the contrary Pd is open source, lean and embeddable and much more modern at its core than Max (ok, admittedly this doesn’t become apparent in its somewhat ugly GUI, but progress is being made there as well). Pd has almost no dependencies and has an API to be integrated: libpd.
Max and Pd patches are mostly interoperable. A knowledgeable user can rewrite a Max patch in Pd (or vice versa) without much effort. Pd has a large community and it is even used in hardware synths as an audio engine. (Organelle for example).
Pure Data is BSD licensed, so it can be part of any commercial software package like Bitwig and there is not even the need to disclose or contribute any code changes.

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This makes a lot of sense. Thank you so much for sharing!

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