How to contribute to the Community Wishlist and why

The Bitwish Community Wishlist is entirely made by volunteers. The Bitwig team doesn’t maintain it, didn’t ask for it, and doesn’t plan their roadmap based on it. Bitwig’s official feedback channel is, and you should use it to send them your feature requests.

Still, they know Bitwish exists. The better we understand their planning and development, the more useful our Wishlist will be to them.

  • A developer team is very interested in knowing what you want to achieve. For them, explaining your needs is more important than your request for a specific feature.
  • A developer team has many ways to obtain user feedback, including interviews, surveys, software metrics, their official support channel…
  • … and they also check (within their capacity) community venues like Bitwish (or KVR, Discord, Reddit…). However, no matter how loud and pervasive the feedback from these communities might be, it represents certain types of users and not their entire user base.

Knowing this, you are welcome to…

  • Cast up to 10 votes on requests that you would like to highlight to the Bitwig team. Understand that more votes just means more likelihood to raise developer and community attention. Still, a very popular request may not fit in the plans of the Bitwig team, because of other priorities, complexity of its development, or because it doesn’t fit in their product vision.
  • Comment on requests explaining why you support it (or why you don’t). How this request would improve your use of Bitwig and how it would lead to better results.
  • Draft new requests putting the emphasis on what you want to achieve, and why. As said, this is what developers want to understand. This also makes the conversation more interesting, and maybe other community peers will share how they are addressing their same needs in alternative ways.

Bitwig is already great today. With our help, it can become even better.