Clarify the meaning of votes on Bitwish

Bitwish needs to clarify what is the meaning of the votes and the ranking in the wishlist. I understand how some might see this as a popular vote to decide what the Bitwig team should implement next. This is non-sense, no question about that.

When someone votes on Bitwish, the motivation should be “hey, please, look at this, what do you think?”. Now that we have a hundred requests and more keep coming, we can see four tiers:

  1. The very popular features. Chances that the Bitwig team will say anything about most them are imho rather slim because they might have a business impact, raise a lot of expectations, put pressure on their development plans.
  2. The mid-tier, with many requests/topics that could benefit from a good conversation, more specialized and focused, with less community / marketing pressure.
  3. The exotic gems, specialized ideas, in most cases extending on Bitwig-specific features hard to translate to other products. Something that perhaps they can scan from time to time for inspiration or fun.
  4. Pet peeves that turns out not many care about. And that’s fine.

Voting is just a means to organize a list of wishes. What really matters is to write requests in a way that is useful for Bitwig users and developers, and to have good conversations around them helping the Bitwig team understand better why these requests matter to these people, what problems they are hoping to solve with these features, or what new things they want to do with them.

What do you think? What improvements can we make to make the point of voting clear?

(Thanks to the related KVR discussion and other people who have questioned Bitwish votes making good points in other channels.)


I think it’s just important for everyone involved to understand, that top places in voting chart doesn’t guarantee that feature would be implemented.

It does reflect community wishes, which is a metric that may be useful for Bitwig if/when they can or care to implement something from it at any given time, but it’s best we can do with our wishes.


See How to contribute to the Community Wishlist and why – linked from a banner visible to all users in all pages (that can be dismissed).