[Draft discussion] Better handling of large amount of projects

@nwsm Thank you for submittiing this request and sorry for not replying earlier (in these strange times).

This requests remind me to other two related to the Browser:

What if the Browser could be used to find projects? This would bring already favorites and search. Deleting files is also possible from the Browser. And imagine if you could tag projects too, and filter projects by tags.

no worryies - finding projects in the browser while a project is open, can be a good solution, then we need a better search option, Smart-Folder should also work for Projects, then i would say yes, go for it.

Options for deleting and renaming Projects included ! And Sorting Options as well.

I have edited the title, the description of the request, and the problem statement, all for a simpler and clearer explanation. @nwsm please check, is this going in the right direction?

What if we leave this out, given that it is a relatively seldom action and it is trivial to do with the system’s file manager?

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awwh* thats awesome. Thank you ! i think its okay.

With the Idea to realize it in the Browser as well its kinda better, and optional.

So i like it.

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Very well, let’s wait a day or so just in case anyone has any objections, and then we will promote this draft to #features

@nwsm note that you can vote your own proposals. :slight_smile:

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yeah, i am curious about what the ppl think about.

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