[Draft discussion] Add setting to configure double click behavior of midi and audio regions

I have made some edits in the description. I hope they make sense.

Do you mean that most DAWs offer a setting to configure this double clicks behavior, or that most DAWs will open the clip in the main window after double click?

Also, is this really a problem of size? Even if the detail editor panel opens by default in the bottom of the screen, you can define its vertical height and make it take the main region of your screen.

I mean that most DAWs will open the clip in the main window or have an option to configure this, at least major DAWs.

Cubase, will always open it up in the main Window. In Logic you can ALT + double click.

In Live obviously the piano roll always opens at the bottom.

In Studio One AFAIK there’s no concept of bottom and main piano roll. If you’re using the piano roll in a detached window, that’s where the clips will open.

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But it can’t occupy all the available space AFAIK. Also you can’t open the Midi CC automation.

Another limitation is you can’t edit midi while editing the devices since the piano roll occupies the devices panel.

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See also Full shortcut customizations (mouse actions, modifiers, context).

I think this draft is ready to be promoted to #features . Waiting a bit just in case there is more feedback.

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