Bitwish Twitter account

@icaria36 and I felt that it might be useful to consider a Twitter acount for Bitwish. Bitwig are fairly active on Twitter and frequently retweet content produced by users of their software. They follow a range of community projects and individual artists and seem to have a genuine interest in connecting with the community of people who love their software.

A Twitter account for Bitwish could help to raise visibility of what the community is hoping for in future updates, which potentially increases the chances of those features being considered for development.


This is a very good idea!

The only problem I have with it is that I… parted ways with Twitter (and a lot of social media) years ago. But if you or someone else wants to take care of this, just let me know how I can help.

Also, if there are many Bitwig users on Twitter, just FYI a Twitter login is technically possible too:

I’d be happy to take care of a Twitter account. I don’t think it would involve a huge amount of work, just @-ing the devs from time to time and following relevant accounts. Further down the line we could consider blog posts which summarise the recent themes in community discussions and send that their way also.

ETA: WRT twitter logins, does this effectively mean that people could log in here using their twitter account rather than signing up?

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Please go ahead with the Twitter account. If you need anything related to the logo just let me know.

I’m all for writing text when it’s useful. I’m much better with words than with notes (life choices decades ago). :smiley:

We could also tweet every time a draft is completed and promoted to #features.

Yes, people could join Bitwish with their Twitter account. Now we have similar logins for Google, Discord and GitHub, in addition to local registration just with email & password.

Ok great I’ll set that up. I noticed the banner logo was an SVG so I can download that and use it on the account. Yes a tweet on promotion to #features sounds like a great idea. It would be a nice personal way of reaching out frequently.

I suppose it makes sense to allow logins from a range of platforms if that makes it easier for people to share their ideas. I can’t see a downside to it as long as the corresponding accounts it creates on the forum platform can still be moderated in the same way.

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The @Bitwish handle is taken on Twitter. Any thoughts as to what we could use instead?

Use “top” somehow? I don’t know what characters are or aren’t accepted.

Letters, numbers and underscore are all that are allowed. I can certainly include ‘top’. Perhaps Bitwish_Top to reflect the domain? Also any preference on capitalisation?

Last time I checked (years ago) Twitter accounts can be renamed without losing followers. So what if we go a bit more poetic, and we can always rectify if it’s too much?


Yes I have changed a twitter handle without it affecting followers so you can do it at least once, whether multiple changes would be permitted I don’t know. In any case, I love that idea. The underscores make it more readable than CamelCase. I’ll set that as the handle for now and we can always review later if needed.

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Ahh it’s too long. It can’t be longer than 15 characters :roll_eyes:

@WeLoveBitwig? :grin:

More poetry to the rescue? :smiley: Do they take emoji unicode characters?


Probably not.

No sadly unicode characters are not allowed and we can’t even have < to do an ASCII heart


That works and is available. Does the “for” meaning translate more widely do you think? It’s English vernacular but I’m not sure if other languages would use the word “for” in the same context so it could perhaps appear like a plugin or add-on of some kind for the software

I don’t know, but if we want to have “Bitwish” and “Bitwig” in a 15 character username, that means that there are only two characters left to avoid trademark confusion. :sweat_smile:

That, and 4hero. :sunglasses:

Very good point, we wouldn’t want to offend them xD Ok lets go with ‘4’. I’m just not sure about having an underscore only on one side though I realise we don’t have enough characters for both. How about without?

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Yes, in fact much better. Thank you!

Great, I’ll set that up now.