"scenes" or sets of toggle-able plugin/track states

It would be useful to have a toggle-able set of plugin or track states on a project. Either on/off or active/inactive.

For instance: this would allow the user to quickly switch between a set of high-quality, resource-intensive plugins that introduce a lot of latency, to a more minimal set of lower-quality, low-latency plugins.

A concrete example:

I’m mixing with all my good compressors, eqs, mastering limiters on… and I realize I need to go back and rerecord a part. I now need to go through every individual track turning things off until I’m down to a reasonable latency… or proactively bounce everything down all the time.

It would be much quicker if I could just tell Bitwig to create a state where a set of tracks/plugins are disabled.

A good analog to this in the hardware realm is how the Elektron boxes do “scenes”.

From the Elektron example there are probably a lot of fun more performance-oriented use cases.

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Hi @tripngroove, welcome! Would you like to present this idea in #drafts, so it starts its way to become a feature request?

Also, has you seen this conversation? Live performance situations There seem to be connections with your idea.

Hi! I can say for sure that you can achieve described goal using just modulators:
midi module to catch the particular channel and assign a pressure modulation on a “button”
This button is your elektron’s scene, modulate it accordingly.
Put described on a fx group put in the end if chain device
now in the start of your chain put channel routing device with a pitch 12 modulator . Catch notes from modulator and and assign the modulation in order to change the channel routing fir each note you have on your keyboard, use computer keyboard to play notes that also enough for your goal
So after the channel router device you might also need a channel filter to cover the pressure triggering first channel on your release a button situation so you need to turn the first channel off by filtering it out

Thats it

Is it possible to enable/disable tracks via modulators?

No, but either it is not possible in elektron.
Instead, you can low down the volume or filter or smth else to disable the particular sound
But for example if you do such trick in a drum machine track. You can disable drum machine channels

Though modulation of tracks and scenes, or at least modulation which can reach the track functions or a clip next action
Is very very desired
I found next action as not enough from bitwig one

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@tripngroove is there anything left to discuss here? Are you satisfied with the approach suggested by @гагарин?

to be honest i would just delete this thread.

the real solution to my problem is track freeze…

the elektron-like ‘scenes’ or ‘performance macros’ probably better discussed in other threads.

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Thank you, @tripngroove. I have set an instruction to close this topic a month after the last reply, so it gets the life people want to give it. :slight_smile:

About track freeze, related: Freeze Tracks to save CPU.

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