Live performance situations

I want to encourage to start discussions and knowledge sharing about the playing live with bitwig
What are your techniques and approaches
In terms of live what is your way of solving typical problems like mixing, effects routing etc
I also wish to include hardware and mapping examples of set up to play live

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Recently I came up with an interesting fx triggering inspired by Elektron analog rytm mk2
I managed to replicate perfomance buttons
Using channel mapping and modulators like midi to take pressure modulation and assign a filtered channel
So while I am pressing on my akai mpd buttons - i get fancy fx’s

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My normal live performance mode is improvised live recording and looping clips all from my keyboard (mpk 261). Typically I create my 4 or 5 tracks, populated with instruments, per section I plan to play. I order them in some fixed manner, so the first 4 are for part 1, the next 4 part 2 etc. I order them by function (perc, bass, chords, melody for example) and map each to a stereo pair on the mixer so irrespective of the section, perc is 1/2 on the mixer etc. In some sections, some parts might be hardware synths, some might be software, but in all cases they go through my audio interface/mixer and out the same outputs.

I have everything except my metronome go to one bus and everything including the metronome go to another (which I listen to). I typically keep the current section on the far left of the clip launcher, meaning when I move to a new section I drag the (empty) scenes across and often the tracks down (so I am always using the top left clips). This means that between tracks (or in an outro) I usually use the mouse: I find this simplifies working on the launcher pads on the controller vs paging through the tracks.

As for effects, my mixer has 5 sends. Usually 3 are occupied with hardware effects meaning I use the send knobs on the hardware to set the levels. Sometimes I use the other sends routed to software (with loop back cables), meaning I can use the mixer send knobs to set effect levels. For hardware instruments or effects I just use their panels for sound design. For software instruments I have macros mapped to my controller’s bank of 8 faders, so those are my parameters.

The normal flow would be to build a set of scenes per section (sometimes copying clips or scenes with the mouse, but mostly just using the launcher controls on the keyboard). I usually end up with 3 to 5 scenes for a section which I build up then perform (building it and performing a section is usually 15-25 minutes). In this way I can do an hour long performance by preselecting 12 instruments. If I need to do more I tend to just pick combinations of instruments across sections. 12 instruments is typically enough to carry on for 5 or 6 sections without feeling repetitive, so that could even stretch out to 2 hours.


Ive just realized where bitwig does not cover me
And it happens more or less every-time I am preparing a live set
Its extended scene launching
The basic example is to ignore groups/individual tracks or to set the play probability in terms of launching a scene + Smaller scenes(track groups) across tye project
Mmm launching operators please

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Your feedback is welcome here: Clip launch options. :slight_smile:

Also, this live performance landed yesterday on Bitwish:

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Ahh just as described there, trigger options not smth I am talking about.
You mentioned exactly what I feel like I am bot covered by bitwig,so by clip operators statement you touched a wonderful topic as it straightly relates for various live situations
I think this feature is understandable enough by it self for a bigwig developer
This is something what recently was released and operator philosophy can take another boost of they continue on integrating for other context like clip or maybe also onsets of audio or what I said previously a scene operators
Operator controlling the spread of group children tracks launching options
For example I have 10 scenes and 1 group of 3 tracks inside- I press global scene launch and by controlling operator connected to button launcher I have a result of no tracks playing in a group track and some different variations for the rest of tracks, some of them will play round robin , some will play with a 1-2 bar offset, some will maybe do sort of next action alternative like “before action…?” For example the track will play next in block but without being played itself , so technically it will
Set before action-> play random in a next block

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