Request a new language on Bitwish

(Hint: Anyone can mute or subscribe to topics by language. Go to the language tag page and look for the :bell: :no_bell: notification icons.)

Due to technical limitations, English is the default communication language on Bitwish, and the only one fully supported. However, we invite speakers of other languages to start their local corner and see how far it goes.

Supported languages

Bring your language to Bitwish!

All languages get:

  • An entry in the top navigation bar.
  • A tag for the local name of the language plus its synonym in English, to identify topics written in that language. This also allows users to subscribe to these topics or to mute them at once.
  • A “Bitwig chat in [language]” topic under #about-bitwish , serving as main channel. The first post must include the basic information for newcomers.

Supported languages also can have

  • Optionally, one topic under #bitwig-video-guide to collect tutorials in your language.
  • Possibility to create topics under #music and #about-bitwish .
  • Possibility to create feature requests in your language in #brainstorm , where they can also be discussed in your language. To be accepted as Community Wishlist #drafts, they will need to be translated to English.
  • Possibility to have a group for speakers of your language and a corresponding badge.

We require two representatives fluent in your language and able to communicate in English. We need someone who we can trust to verify that the conversations remain on-topic and the code of conduct is observed. If you haven’t found a second person yet, you can request the new language anyway to increase the chances to find a peer.

If you want to add a language, you can request it here or you can contact the @admins first.

Multilingual support on Bitwish is being discussed on Support for languages other than English on Bitwish.


Anyone interested in German?

I’m thinking of opening support for German even if I have to be the interim contact person. My German is pretty horrible and automatic translation helps.

The main reason is that there are many tutorials tutorials about Bitwig in German, and there is no week that new ones appear. Until now I couldn’t do much with them because the #bitwig-video-guide took only videos in English…

@Suki is stepping in as representative for #deutsch . Vielen Dank!

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