"Reduced latency when monitoring" like Ableton?

Hello Bitwiggers,

I am new to Bitwig, lots of things are better than Ableton, but others that Bitwig can’t beat.
Apart from “Midi Capture”, “Track Freeze”, “The meters”, “Convert Harmony/Melody/Drums to New MIDI Track.”, etc, the irreplaceable one that might get me back to Ableton is “reduced latency when monitoring/RLM”.

Bitwig does better in terms of Delay Compensation, but that’s not enough for producers recording live instruments or midi. Having RLM is crucial because when you add a lot of plugins, they affect the monitoring and it’s unplayable at some point, whereas in Ableton if a lot of taxing plugins are in some other tracks, they don’t affect the track you’re monitoring to record on (as long as you don’t have these latency intensive plugins on the master track).

Is there a workaround for this? I couldn’t find anything anywhere! Do you think Bitwig will implement it someday? How can we request this feature?

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I am pretty sure, this is just a fancy freeze Feature. “Pre-Freezing” your tracks when CPU power is available and then quickly change to the freeze version and reduce the buffer size when you monitor.

The biggest problem in implementing this would probably be, that Bitwig needs to reload the audio engine once the Buffer Size is changed, not allowing for a smooth quick transition.
I don’t know why that is the case, but I fear it’s some logic deep down that can not be changed quickly.
See my thread here:
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And here
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Pretty sure this is default behavior in bitwig, you can test it with two midi tracks. Use a snare sound on both. Put a bunch of plugins on one of them that increase the latency of that one channel. Then press a note to trigger the snare.

The one without the latent plugins will trigger first and that is the feature you are requesting if I’m not mistaken

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