Planning a space to share music on Bitwish

Something that may be interesting is that I believe that conversations that start in a big monthly topic can be spinned-off to their own track topics if their authors want to do so.

Imagine, you are an author, post a track, turns out that it generates a lot of interesting comments… ok, then you create a new topic with that track in the first post and some comments, and then a moderator can move the comments from the monthly topic to the track topic, where they will have a longer and more on-topic life.

This would be a natural way to promote conversations.

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At the moment, I think we can just leave the discussions at the monthly topic. The only downside there is that you can’t reply to a specific comment, but you can @ people if it isn’t clear who you’re responding to.

The only downside I see with the monthly thread is that it can be difficult to tell if a track was posted by the artist or someone else.

What if people want to share music published before December 2021?

Yes, indeed. This was one of the things I wanted to address when proposing a “radar” (anything found out there) separate from a thread where creators share their own music. Both things have value, just different kind of value.

Also, I was thinking, what if we create threads for the Bitwig sound packages? For instance,,. Same idea as in months, except that the common denominator is the fact of using that specific sound pack. And these ones would remain open forever.

Right. I didn’t think why anyone would want to share old music :smiley:

Okay. Then maybe you should go back to that?

If you use two (or more) sound packs, do you post it in both (all) threads then?

To be honest, I don’t really understand what your vision for this space is. Maybe this is all too complicated and everyone should just create a new thread if they want to post a song. This seems to work for other places.

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Maybe it is complicated indeed. :slight_smile:

The single thread is working for those who publish on the single thread, but… what about the rest? Maybe there are other formats that would encourage more people?

Also, in many cases the single thread is there only because they have been pushed by the rest of the forum/subreddit to a single thread, and you see now and then people willing to get more attention creating a topic for their new track/album.

But ok, no threads for song packages for now. :slight_smile:

What’s the problem with letting people create new threads/topics for their songs/albums/projects/artist-profiles in the Music category?

None? :slight_smile: I guess I misunderstood a previous comment you posted, as in saying that let’s keep the monthly thread only for now.

I’ll go back to the template you suggested and propose something using it.

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Yes, I meant let’s just let the people do whatever they want and see what kind of posts are made and then go from there.

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What about this text as placeholder for whoever is going to create a new topic. We could have it on About the Music category as well:

Feature your music here! Any format and any style is welcome as long as it is made with Bitwig.

You can paste links to Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Youtube and other streaming services. If the link is alone in a single line, a player will be rendered automatically.

You can also upload your Bitwig project files (.bwproject), if you want others to check your work, recycle it, mix it. Please clarify the license of the file and the contents if you do so.

Tell us something about your music. For instance…

  • What was your motivation?
  • What details are you proud of?
  • Anything you struggled with?
  • Do you seek feedback about something specific?

After you publish your new topic, we encourage you to :heart:, upvote and comment on music shared by others. Contribute to make this a place of feedback, exchange and connections!

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Also, what about letting people to upload mp3 files, in case they haven’t published them anywhere else?

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I think that’s a good format for the music category and I like your text for the “About the Music category” post.

Being able to upload mp3s here would be pretty cool, I think, if you want to discuss ideas or WIPs you’re not ready to publish yet. Although user uploads always pose a security risk, so I also understand if you decide against it :slight_smile:

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Thank you! I have added the possibility to upload OGG and MP3 files: Share your music made with Bitwig.

And we’re on! Now comes the difficult task of breaking another layer of ice…

It’s probably going to take some time for activity to ramp up. I hope I’ll be able to post something soon.

About this, I have change two things:

  1. I have stopped publishing tracks and then asking the creators to join.I felt this was needed to break the ice, but not now that we have a critical mass of creators (yay!). Now I contact creators and invite them to share their music themselves.
  2. For the tracks I posted, I have changed their ownership to the System user, which is less prone to confusion.

If you can, I really would welcome a second person commenting on published tracks. So far I am basically the only one and it feels awkward every time I post a new comment (but silence feels more awkward, so I keep posting one step at a time, hoping that someone else will chime in. :slight_smile:

I stopped paying attention after so many songs were posted without context, but it looks like that’s changed. Thanks for the reminder :slight_smile:

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Is there a way to sort this thread with newest posts first?

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I don’t think there is any way to sort that topic other than by number of votes, and then by oldest first within entries with the same number of votes. I have checked the plugin discussion and I am not finding any mention.

Even if we would get rid of the plugin and use a plain topic, most recent comments would be last, not first.

I guess you are asking because as the topic grows with entries and comments within entries, it becomes more difficult to ensure that you aren’t missing new comments? It’s a good point. I’ll ask upstream.

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Yes, if there’s a new entry, you have to scroll quite a lot by now. And if the new entry gets upvoted, it’s even more difficult to find.

But then new entries would be easier to find at least.

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Now you can add to your profile your artist URLs on Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Spotify, and YouTube. For a dummy example, you can click my own avatar.

This is useful in itself and fits with the idea of improving user profiles. It could also be a first step for discussions and connections between creators using the same platforms to publish their music. We could create topics like “Bitwiggers on Bandcamp”. We could have badges and/or groups for creators using i.e Bandcamp. All this would make it easier to find and feature these creators and their music, and improve their connections with other peers.

What do you think?