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I made this album using only Bitwig synths (primarily The Grid and Phase-4 - I learnt a lot about Phase-4!). The genre is “dungeon synth”.

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TECHNICALLY the track is from march, but I’ve just finished making visuals for it yesterday:

either i haven’t quite figured out the export settings, or youtube’s just doesn’t like the low-fi noisy aesthetics i was going for and just compressed them out :smiley:

since this is my first go at it, some things could be tuned better and maybe be less seizuriffic, but it’s an experience I’ve learned from and will definitely be building up upon!

Cool track! I recognize the voronoi pattern in cables (also started to play with it recently).

@ensonic yeah i admit adding voronoi was kind of my cheap trick to quickly increase the visual complexity :smiley:

Happy easter everyone! Here’s a melodic and peaceful synth track I made only using native devices (as usual).

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i tried making a self portrait

I made heavy use of the new 4.3 devices, delay+ and convolution:

New mix of an older tune, loving BW 4.3 …

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I did something different

Still learning Bitwig, great DAW!

After a little break, a new synth song. As usually all sounds made with #bitwig from scratch.

I tried to create a dreamy environment that sounds familiar yet strange, organic but in an alien way

It’s been a while since I posted a track here. I’ve been very busy emigrating across the globe, from the Netherlands to Curacao. Arrived about a week ago and only brought my Arturia minilab controller. It’s all still new and improvising but I’ve been able to make a nice track :slight_smile:

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