Multiple Arranger Timelines to be able to switch between or test multiple Arrangements

A possibility to switch between multiple arranger timelines and save them.
Thus allowing to test out multiple arrangements or lay down different arrangements (e.g. a radio Edit, a Club Edit and a live version) without needing to split into different Projects.

What problem(s) would this feature resolve?

Easily compare different Arrangements and handle different Versions of a project.

How does this feature fit in Bitwig as a product?

It fits very well in the concept of Bitwig as a non-linear jamming DAW allowing to quickly and freely lay down arrangements with the clip launcher without having to commit to a final arrangement.

Is there already an alternative way to achieve this on Bitwig?

Yes, there are two workarounds.

  1. One can simply start the second arrangement after the first.
    But this get’s confusing quickly, is prone to error and automation handling is awkward.
  2. Save the different arrangements as different projects. But this decouples both projects and mixing adjustments have to be done for each project separately.

Could it be implemented using Bitwig components or APIs, without Bitwig team’s support?

Not better than described in the current possible workarounds.

Could it be provided by a VST or something else reasonably integrated with Bitwig?


Are there other products that offer this feature?

FL Studio has complete support of this feature.


This is an interesting request!

This is good because not only for arrangement, it can be used for separating sound design stuff.

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This is great in FL, use it all the time

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