How do we get our votes back?

If a feature is implemented or a draft is discarded do we get our votes back?

I lost a vote because @icaria36 locked one of the threads I had voted on and I can’t get it back.

I 100% agree there has to be a limit. Not complaining about that.

Yes, whenever a topic with votes is closed or archived, users get their votes back.

Everyone can check their votes in their user profile (Activity > Votes)

@pier in your case, your 10 votes are being used in open requests. It is true that Piano roll: improve selection interactivity appears in your list of votes and it shouldn’t, but that is an 11th topic. You still have 10 valid votes that you can reassign as you wish.

I’m going to investigate what happened with that closed topic.

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@pier Your list of votes is fixed now.

I believe what happened is that first I moved the topic to the Archive (where voting is disabled) and then I closed the topic (without affecting the vote “counted” there. It should be done the other way around: first close the topic (so that votes are liberated) and then move to a category without voting.

It seems to be a glitch without more consequences thought, because the system still provided you with 10 valid votes, not 9 or 11.

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Thanks for investigating this @icaria36 .

You’re right, there are 11 items. I had assumed since the closed feature appeared there, it was counted as an active vote!

I have reopened the topic. Just checking, can you remove your vote now?

Yeah I was able to remove my vote.

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Hi. I wonder, could the literal question of this topic be given an answer here?

IOW, suppose I have cast my 10 votes. Then a new proposal comes up that is more important to me than my least important of the original 10. In this case, I would naturally like to “unvote” the least important of the original 10 and cast the recovered vote for the new, important (to me) proposal.

Can this be done now? If not, would it be hard to implement?

I apologize if this has been answered already elsewhere. I did look around, but not into every nook and cranny!

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Yes, you can already unvote, and use the newly available votes to support other requests.

Just go to any of the requests you have on Bitwish - Community wishlist for Bitwig Studio and click the yellow “Voted” link on the top left corner, under the number of votes.

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Got it. Thank you!

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