Graphics and other designs on Bitwish

I can also contribute in the case any graphics are needed for the site or for demonstration purposes/tutorials/visualizations of how popular features might operate, animations or any other design tasks im willing to put in some work

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@jescofield it is very cool that you mention this. Clearly the feature requests that come with mockups, screenshots or some video showing the ferature in another product feel very useful to me, and probably to many others. DAWs are very versatile tool with very specialized features, and not all users are equally familiar with the different parts of a DAW / of Bitwig. Of course I don’t expect the Bitwig devs having problems understanding the feature requests, but before that there are users voting them (or not), and that is a different story.

All this to say that yes, please, feel free to contribute visual information wherever you see fit.

On a related note, I was thinking on spicing up a bit the main page with this component to highlight images on posts:

Any thoughts? We could try, and if we don’t like it remove it. It’s very easy to enable / disable it.

ya, i think its a great idea. specifically for feature requests that may be newer or haven’t gotten attention the attention it deserves, like if people aren’t really reading it because its not very upvoted yet and too far down the list. as far as the example demonstration graphics, how do you suggest i prioritize which ones to approach first? and should i just add them as a reply or add them somewhere in the description?

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:white_check_mark: Done. What do you think?

I suggest you do as you please, selfishly. :slight_smile: Pick a feature you like and that it might be fun to work with and give it a go.