External Audio Editor Support (Offline sample editing)

External Audio editor support like seen in other DAWS. I won’t switch from Ableton without External Audio Editor support. I use iZotope RX on most things that I want to sound really good, for extra polish. Mostly good for de-clicking and vocal treatment. Or sound design things.

What problem(s) would this feature resolve?

  1. Use iZotope RX for cleaning up clicks / artifacts / or editing frequency based content in the spectrogram. (This won’t make sense unless you have RX probably)

  2. Zero cross snapping slicing

  3. Denoising, de-verbing, or using any other frequency based algorithm in RX.

How does this feature fit in Bitwig as a product?

Bitwig has good “regular” audio editing but not pro grade spectral clean up and manipulation found in RX. You can select frequency content using photoshop like tools and apply effects to just that content. I feel like I’m a salesman for RX but there are other uses for external audio editors to augment the abilities and shortcomings of bitwig.

Is there already an alternative way to achieve this on Bitwig?

Reveal the file in explorer right click it and edit? I’m not sure if this takes the sample offline though or if the whole project needs to be reloaded?

Could it be implemented using Bitwig components or APIs, without Bitwig team’s support?


Could it be provided by a VST or something else reasonably integrated with Bitwig?


Are there other products that offer this feature?

Ableton, FL studio, Reaper, literally almost everything else.

Relevant links (optional)


In case it helps, there was a recent comment from @Tj_Shredder in another discussion:

Well, that is independent of the editor you use. In your case I would first clean up the material in an editor and then move it into Bitwig, or use Bitwig as editor and use the plugin versions…

RX connect in my opinion is not good. You have to insert the VST just to be able to transfer it to RX. As opposed to in ableton I just click the external editor button on a sample and it is in RX just like that. Same with FL and other daws.

Immediate vs Load vst on the mixer channel where the sample lives. And try to transfer the sample by playing it I think it was? (It’s been a long time since this idea came out. I haven’t tried it since RX 4 ish.)
The sample doesn’t just transfer you have to play the segment if I remember right. Imagine if your sample is long. It is a multistep process and it feels as wonky as it sounds. Sort of like recording audio into melodyne but worse.

I’m actually not sure if RX connect itself was abandoned. I haven’t heard about it for ages (For good reason). Especially since iZotope seem to be exploring ARA support but have only done so in Logic.

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I’m waiting for ARA support as well, hopefully we’ll see it in version 6 of Bitwig. I need to use RePitch and VocAlign so I can fully transition from Studio One

@cesco welcome to Bitwish. If you want a feature, vite for it! Everyone can use up to 10 votes.

See also Audio Random Access (ARA2) support.

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Shop RX 10 Standard | iZotope says that they support Bitwig Studio 5. Does this change anything in your request?

That changes nothing. They are talking about the algorithmic plugins.

The RX plugins are useless for me in a daw for two reasons.

  1. Latency is crazy. Crazier than regular plugins.

  2. Without the ability to repair audio using a spectral selection I find it much less useful and slower. Also produces less transparent results.

I doubt this request will be super popular but it’s probably because people don’t usually sound design as heavy as I do. But to be more clear about what RX allows me to do.

This is what I mean by spectral selection, you can select frequency content within an audio sample. Within this selection I can apply RX algorithms, vst effects, or other magic to that selection. You can’t select spectral content in bitwig. Not even with RX vst effects plugins.

Ableton allows external editors. I use this feature all the time when sound designing.

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It’s not just for advanced sound design. What if I get a kick-only loop from a sample library, and I want to make a file with just one kick? Or what about if there is a short digital pop in the middle of the audio and you want to cut it out? Bitwig can do it, but the quickest thing would be to go to the external editor, like every other popular DAW allows you to.

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Yeah, there is almost too many reasons why having an audio editor is useful for producers, sound designers, mixing and mastering.

Like you said every big Daw has this except bitwig. They must have thought it was an unnecessary legacy idea and not relevant to their demographic. Yet they want to market this DAW as being good for sound design and audio manipulation. IDK, maybe it’s old skool or something. But I think the big issue is that most producers don’t notice clicks and pops like more vetted audio engineers and mastering engineers do. I remember a time when I heard less detail because my brain wasn’t used to looking for issues and didn’t really understand monitoring systems. Obviously this is a double edged sword. But I like to deliver high quality results to others… something my younger self didn’t think about or understand or care about.