[Draft discussion] Routing more than 4 Channels of Audio to Plugins

Looks like a good request. Do you want us to move it to #drafts , to improve the description and allow people to vote for it?

Certainly, thanks very much!

Thank you, of course. :slight_smile:

:white_check_mark: Done.

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@N9R I have reviewed the description introducing only small changes. Looks very good to me, and if you or anyone else have no objections I’m happy to promote it to #features in 24 hours.

This areas is out of my depth. Just in case, are there any connections between this request and these other?

I’m only asking to check whether it makes sense to link them to each other (and if so, why).


No objections from me, I appreciate the changes, reads very well!

As far as the other FRs mentioned - I think there is a scenario where all aspects of the respective FRs would be covered by an implemented solution, but also scenarios where they would not.

e.g. Ability to use VSTs in the Grid is implemented, either directly embedded or via chain routing, but audio going to those VSTs can still only be routed to the first 4 input channels.

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