[Draft discussion] Forward and Backward Navigation Through Transients Within Audio

This is a nice idea. I wonder if the title could be a little clearer as I wasn’t sure what was meant by it until I read the post. Perhaps something that more directly references what the tab key would actually do in this context?

I actually was thinking the same thing last night while posting it, I ended up leaving “tab to transient as a name” cause that’s the way it’s called in Pro Tools and most people I know call it that way even if in other DAWs it doesn’t have anything to do with the tab key. Now I went and read how the shortcut is described in Logic and try to take inspiration from that, I think this should be clear enough but I’m open to suggestions (not 100% sure about the word “navigation”).

Personally I think the word “navigation” is clear in this context. I just added “within audio” to the title just in case it isn’t perfectly clear what’s meant. Lets leave this open for further discussion before promoting to #features

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Perfect, thanks!

I think we can make a last review to this description and promote this request to #features

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