[Draft discussion] Customizable Note Length device and Sampler’s release chain

Could you provide an example i.e. a link to a video showing the effects you are after? I’m not sure I understand.

Are you suggesting a modulator that could be used in any instrument?

That would be mainly a feature request for enhancing the Note Length device. It needs a way to preserve expressions including pitch bend…


I made a video to demonstrate what I mean! UwU

Correct, that is exactly what I’m proposing!

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Thank you so much for the video, the demostration of the problem, the comparison with Sculpture, and also of course for the Bitwish salutation and good wishes. :slight_smile: This will be a great complement to the text description.

I have moved this topic to #drafts and edited the description. @LXIF and anyone else willing to contribute to this request, you’re good to go!

Sorry for my delay here @LXIF, I have been putting my time on other requests you submitted.

Hey, no worries! This one is the one that currently matters most to me personally - is there anything I can do?

It’s basically to apply the guide linked at the beginning. Start by explaining the feature, add the context later, explain the problem in the Problem section… :slightly_smiling_face:

Ok thx, will do asap!

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Thank you for your edits! I have just changed a couple of small details, If nobody has any objection, I will promote this request to #features in a couple of days.

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