[Draft discussion] Axis locking while editing breakpoints (Automation, MPE)

@lokanchung Thank you for submitting this request and sorry for not getting earlier to it.

This request here looks related, right? We could link to each other in their respective descriptions.

Are you planning to fill the other fields of the template?

I think it is enough to state the problem clearly, which you have already done. Of course proposing and discussing possible solutions is good, but it is not required for feature requests. If the Bitwig team is interested in this request, they are likely to have opinion about which implementation to choose.

Yeah it’s related but a bit different. I hope we can get both of them eventually.
Seems like people are not that interested in discussing keyboard scheme. I’ll fill the template based on my personal pick and keep the rest in the description just in case.

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I filled the template and I think it’s ready to be promoted.

Thank you! I have moved the explanation to the desired feature at the top.

The description above explains how the feature would work but these are not workarounds to obtain this behavior in Bitwig, right?

The main point is to be able move breakpoints along axis, so I think using inspector panel and keyboard shortcut count as workarounds. But axis locking is more efficient. I made some edit to clarify this.

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Thank you, it is clear now. Let’s wait an extra day just to see if anyone has any objection, and then I’ll promote this draft to #features .

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