[Draft discussion] Adding effects to clips directly in the Arranger

Hi @psycasso , welcome!

How would this work on Bitwig, different than it works now?

Let’s take the example of the saturation. You have an audio track with four clips. You want to add saturation to the fourth only.

Right now the workflow is: you add the Saturator to the device panel, and then you automate the Saturator On/Off so that it is active only when the 4th clip is playing.

How do you envision the alternative workflow so that it is simpler than this?

Hi, well Cubase make it very simple and I’m sure bitwig can make it better.

The idea is getting quick variations of sound fast and not adding more devices and automations.

Simply right click on audio clip choose process (let you choose every plugin or bitwig tool)- open it have some way to preview what the results and that’s it, no need to hold devices and automations


Ok, this makes sense. So what is by following your proposed workflow (right-click and choose device), you would end up with the setup I explained (device added in the device chain for the track, with automation On for the duration of the clip, off for the rest.

This way, producers get the advantage of a new right-click shortcut that relies in the existing processes, instead of having to create a new parallel process. Maybe this is what happens in Cubase already, I haven’t used this DAW.

@psycasso I have merged our ideas in the description. Please let me know what you think.


  • I have added or clarified the possibility to apply this feature to a selection of clips and not just one.
  • I have removed the mention to “audio” clips, because this feature would be just as useful for MIDI clips as well.
  • I have removed the method of applying the effect, bouncing in place and removing the device because I believe the current best workflow is through modulation, so you keep your original audio clip intact.

Oh, and I have edited the title, hoping that it is a bit clearer.

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I’ll wait a couple of days and then promote this draft to #features unless someone stops me before. :slight_smile:

Sounds good, the only thing missing to me is how you gonna keep the effects as the idea is to make quick changes on specific part without need the hustle of add and remove fx to the channel

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In the way the proposal is described now, the effects are added to the device chain and applied only to the duration of the clip. Since the device chain is in the Secondary Panel, you can edit or remove effects right there. This would be a way of implementing your request that would adapt.to the current Bitwig architecture.

If you really don’t want to see these effects added to the device chain, then this would be a whole new workflow on Bitwig, as far as I can tell.

I wonder whether there would be much difference between both workflows from a user point of view? From a developer point of view I bet they are very different to implement.

But this is your request, so please clarify and let’s edit the description accordingly. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ll just promote the request as is, and if there are changes later on then no problem, the description can be updated.

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