[Draft discussion] A type of clip that includes multiple variations

This sounds a lot like Alias clips / Linked clips. Are you referring to the same feature?

In my mind it would be something on top of alias clips (which is one of my top wishlist items)
In Reason you can take a device like the drum machine and program patterns in it, called Pattern A, Pattern B etc.
Then you create a clip in the arrangement for that device, and for each instance of a clip you choose which pattern it will play. With the alias you might have a few locations playing pattern A, and if you edit that pattern all instances will change to reflect that. But I would like to be able to click on a clip and change it to Pattern B (from a drop down on the clip)

This might be another silly question from me while I keep trying to understand this request. Is this similar to Groove Pool ? I’m asking because that request got at least 6 votes before being archived due to inactivity.

I think I need a picture, give me 24 hours …

So I have a clip(in the case for the drum machine). The clip contains 3 patterns called
001 - Intro Pattern
002 - Easy Beat Pattern
003 - Easy Beat Pattern /Fill
If I bring in that clip from my library I get all the patterns it has saved in it. With the clip I can choose the pattern I want to edit using the selector I have drawn at the top. In the arrangement I can put the clip in my track and then use the drop down to select which of the patterns is used for that part.
It will achieve something similar to the alias clips on the arrangement by allowing a single edit of the pattern to update all the places it is used. The additional benefit is being able to save a single clip to a library with multiple patterns saved in it

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Thank you for the mockup! Now I understand what you mean.

However, couldn’t be what you are describing a combination of the Clip Launcher and Alias clips / Linked clips ?

This could be one track with a Drum Machine and three scenes in the Clip Launcher.

Yes, each of the clips in the Clip Launcher could have their alias/linked clips in the arranger (if/when this feature is implemented).

But this also means that this clip format should be supported in Bitwig. You mention that Reason supported this. It would be useful to know whether Bitwig could use an existing format to achieve this or they should come up with a format created for Bitwig alone.

I didn’t want to stall the conversation with my questions. I don’t have any stake against this request. I just ask for clarification so we can explain well each feature.

@AndyT, can you (or someone else) respond, please?

“be describing a combination of the Clip Launcher and alias clips”

That’s the key point, I am trying to avoid using a combination of other bits. IS there something I can explain better? I can always knock up some more pictures given time

that dropdown box in clip editor is glaring UI error being put beside time ruler. it just wouldn’t scroll, so definitely not right place for it. maybe in inspector panel instead.

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This is an implementation detail, and mockups are just that, mockups. It is useful that @AndyT produced one so quickly.

What is not useful is that I keep dropping the ball on this request, sorry! I’ll review itlater today.

I have updated the description. Please check.

I’m not familiar with Reason. If we are going to mention it, we should verify that this feature exists there. A link to the documentation or a video would be great.