[Draft discussion] A convolution reverb native device

Thank you! I have added a template to help put this request in good shape.

@Pol_HALBERT your feature request has 7 votes. Not bad! Would you like to work on the description?

I will add a basic definition of convolution reverb. I had heard the term but never paid enough attention to it. After checking several pages I went for this one: Convolution Reverb 101: 7 Best Plugins and How to Use Them - Output. If you have a better recommendation let’s just use it instead.

It would be useful to know which other DAWs offer this (rather pricey?) feature. It seems that Bitwig users have no lack of VST choices.

Their definition of a convolution reverb sounds nice, not too complex, and not to vague… even if some of the other parts of the article are pretty unclear.
For example, a lot of reverbs are analog, so they don’t use an algorithm but delays with diffusion circuits (using all pass filters for example) inside the feedback loop. So the “mathematical formulas”, for VST emulations, dont “simulate rooms” but electric circuits instead, BUT we don’t really care, that’s not the point here :wink:

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Ouch. It is me writing a template late night and nobody telling there is a mistake until now. I’ll go fix this in the template, and then in its occurrences as they come, not to bump a dozen topics for no good reason. Thank you!

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I have edited a bit the description. This draft looks ready to be moved to #features . Let’s wait a bit just in case anyone has feedback.