[Draft discussion] 1 Add sortable ‘name’, ‘date added’, ‘date modified’, ‘file size’ and ‘kind’ to the browser

Agreed, this would be great. It’s a fairly simple feature that I don’t imagine would elicit a lot of discussion but lets give it 24 hours nonetheless before moving over to #features

Maybe a more precise title and description would be more useful? The argument for Date is very clear and probably difficult to argue. File size is mentioned too, but there I start to wonder. What other viewing options would there be?

A basic idea of these requests is that Bitwig or whoever can find a clear plan. Right now the “custom options” is too vague.

I think that just adding the common view options (name, date added, date modified, file size, kind) to a drop down menu, so the user could just pick whichever ones they want visible, and to sort by, would be the best way. That is exactly how the view options are in Ableton’s browser.

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I’ve added that in to the title and template. How does that look?

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That looks great. Thanks.

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