Controller layouts like TouchOSC / TouchDAW

It would be great if I could make my own custom-made controller layouts in BitWig, so I don’t have to use external MIDI controllers.

There are currently three main views in BitWig: Arrange, Mix, and Edit. There could be a 4th called “Control” where we could build our own controllers, similar to TouchOsc and TouchDAW.

This would probably be quite easy for the BitWig developers to make, because they already have most of the GUI elements needed. I suppose The Grid could be extended with more elements like this, but I think it would be better with a specialized screen for building controller layouts.

The different controller layouts could then be saved and loaded, and they could be moved onto other computer screens, including touch-screens.

There’s a guy using BitWig with two touch-screens on YouTube, but I cannot insert the link here because I am a new user, so try and search for “Dual touchscreens with BitWig DAW” on YouTube.

Imagine if you could make your own controller-layouts so you didn’t have to fidget around with the standard BitWig GUI, or some generic MIDI controller where you have to map all the buttons and forget what they were. Wouldn’t it be amazing if BitWig could do this internally? And you could have any combination of knobs, faders, switches, etc. and it would all link up perfectly with BitWig and plugins, and then you could have it on a couple of touch-screens. Imagine what a performance tool that would be!

You would also be able to take snapshots / presets of all the knobs, faders, etc. in your controller layout. And then there could be a fader similar to the Elektron Octatrack, so you could fade between two snapshots / presets of all the knobs, faders, etc. This could also be done with an XY-pad with a snapshot / preset in each corner.

I really wish the BitWig developers would make this!

Any other ideas from the community?


Hi @Magnus, welcome!

There was a related discussion here: Native UIs for third party plugins

And you can post links now. :slight_smile: You can edit your post above and add them.